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Good for Me, Good for the Planet.

Home is where we are our most comfortable, and we are always looking for ways to add even more comfort to our living space. Taking little steps towards living a sustainable life is one way to add more happiness to your home. Whether it’s adding a piece of furniture that has been sourced sustainably, or adding more green plant life to your space, when you do something that’s good for the planet, you can’t help but feel better yourself. By making a simple change with sustainable products, you feel good and do your part in helping the planet—in a snap. ーHappy to be home.

    Turn a forgotten place into a favorite one.

    Your balcony is one of the easiest spaces in your home to be forgotten. It’s on the outside of your place and can easily go out of sight and mind, turning Into a neglected wasteland of random storage and discarded projects. However, with the addition of a TÄRNÖ Table and Chair, your balcony can turn into one of the first places in your home you go to to relax, work or just catch your breath.

      Take the first step to a more sustainable living and dining space.

      Your home could always use a little more nature and plant life. We’re all happier and healthier when we are surrounded by greenery, but it can be hard finding additional space for plants in your home. With a stackable planter solution like the SATSUMAS, your dining room can effortlessly gain layers of fresh, green life that can sustain you and even grow some delicious ingredients to use in your home cooking.