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A familiar shark will introduce you to a small room filled with ideas.

Our iconic plush toy BLÅHAJ/ブローハイ, has become a real estate agent shark, and it is his mission to find the smallest rooms that he can.
Please follow along to see how he along with the IKEA Interior Design Team transforms a small, slightly challenging space into a happy home.

    Tiny Homes: Teaser 

    "I just love small rooms! I totally love it!" His name is Agent BLÅHAJ/ブローハイ, and he works passionately in the real estate business in Tokyo. After spending time in the wide ocean of Sweden and feeling uncomfortable because it was too big for him, he has found there are many small rooms in Tokyo and knew that this was what he wanted to dedicate his life and career to. Since then, he has teamed up with IKEA and worked hard to show people that even a small room can be made into a happy home.... 

    Episode 1: The Legend Of BLÅHAJ

    In the first episode of the “Tiny Homes” series, a new player, Agent BLÅHAJ/ブローハイ, has shown up in Tokyo's housing scene. He swims through the streets and trains of Tokyo in search of small homes and apartments. What has he found this time….?

    Episode 2: Small Space Visions

    In the second episode of the “Tiny Homes” series, Agent BLÅHAJ finally finds a place with the perfect small size, he starts brainstorming with the IKEA design team to transform it into the perfect small space home and...

    Episode 3: The Grand Reveal

    In the third episode of “Tiny Homes” you will witness to the miraculous moment when an empty small space room is transformed into a happy home.
    How do the IKEA solutions and furniture come together to become a home? Agent BLÅHAJ and IKEA will show you.
    *The products and prices displayed are as of November 2021.

    The exciting life of Real Estate Agent BLÅHAJ

    An office devoted to BLÅHAJ’s love of small rooms.

    The office of Agent BLÅHAJ, who has come out of the vast ocean, to expand the possibilities of what you can do with small rooms. While the office has the relaxed mood of a real estate agency, the coordination shows Agent BLÅHAJ’s personality, with hints of his cherished memories.

    “Tiny Homes” Spreading out ideas in a small room. 

    Even a small room, with a seemingly challenging floor plan, can look like this. A room, however small, can be transformed into your very own happy home by filling the space with items and solutions matching the features of the room. If you are thinking about improving your own living space or even finding a new place to live, visit IKEA to find happy solutions for every challenge. 

    Make good use of vertical space

    The key to unlocking more space in a small room is to optimize how you use the vertical space. Explore your room as a three dimensional space to open up possibilities of a small room. 


    Optimize vertical space to truly make your space your own, exactly how you like. Shelves can be adjusted to match whatever items you’d like to store.


    A multi-functional table not just for working at home, but also expandable to use for a small home party. Pairs seamlessly with the IVAR.

    Instagram effect to take a photo with real estate agent BLAHAJ/ブローハイ! 

    Take a picture with us and have fun! Download via QR code!