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Mindful habits for a fresh start

A woman cutting flowers and arranging them in glass vases.

Let's start the year fresh and improve your life with new habits! Let's start living oshare - live a life full of hope and confidence by being surrounded by what you like and adjusting your life with care and mindfulness.

Create space and time for botany

Plants and flowers add comfort and joy to our lives. Just add a new vase with some little green and see how the atmosphere of your room will change dramatically. Even if you don't have a green thumb, give it a try with some artificial flowers. Let the magic of greenery unfold itself, and cherish these little moments.

Express your true self

Why don't you make space to decorate your favorite things with your sensibility? The trick is to decide on a theme. Believe in your intuition, line up what you like and you will feel when it's right. Starting from there, it will give you one more favorite place in your home.

Living in the moment while cooking

Cooking doesn't have to be lost time. Bring your stool to the kitchen and enjoy reading your favorite book or have a cup of tea between the dishes. Enjoy yourself and use your time while waiting for your food to be completed.

Enjoying the morning time. Every morning.

Why don't you get up a little earlier to enjoy the quiet morning hours? Eat a delicious breakfast in bed or cherish the time spend on your skincare routine. You can spend your day with a calm and fulfilled feeling.

Changing textiles with the season

Are you up for something new? Changing the cushion covers is the fastest shortcut to a new life. It might seem difficult to change the curtains, but the atmosphere of a room can be renewed or completely changed, and it's the perfect task for the New Year. Catch the sense of the season by letting color and material simply flow.

Immerse yourself in your hobbies this year

If you arrange the workspace to your liking, work and inspiration will come to you comfortably. If you have a desk, you can use it as a space to immerse yourself in your hobbies. This season offers a great opportunity to start something new.