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Summer interior living with green

In a damp rainy season, refresh your mood by decorating plants into your room. You will surely be energized by the vitality of the plants. Of course, fake green is okay, the vivid colors will make your life comfortable.

Artificial plants

Fake green is easy to handle without any maintenance.
Simply place it in a corner or hang it on the wall to give the space a vivid and fresh impression.
If you choose a large size, it can also be used as a room partition.

Pot & plants

It is nice to have pot covers and planters for plants.
Choose the one that suits the mood of the room, or maybe a unique design that will spice up your room.
Having different sizes with similar design will create a neat atmosphere, and if you mix different ones, the interior will look active.

Artificial flowers

Artificial flowers are beautiful.
It's forever fresh and easy to handle.
Find your favorite combination from a wide variety.

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Vases, bowls and accessories

The vase is perfect not only for flowers but also for enjoying the green. Branches last longer ,so you can enjoy them for a long time. Not only fresh flowers but also vases that go well with fake greens and artificial flowers. Choose your favorite from a variety of sizes and shapes.

New products