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Good Change in a Snap

As we spend more time than ever before at home now, our living space has never been under more scrutiny. It’s the place where we live, work, give the kids lessons — all at the same time. It can seem like a burden to improve such multi-tasking space, but it’s actually not that difficult. By making a simple change, you can transform the feeling and functionality of your whole living space — in a snap.

    Do you have any problem like this?

    Without proper attention, the inside of your fridge can quickly turn into a forgotten landscape of leftovers. The food you thought you had successfully fit inside, can easily start blending in with the rest of the mayhem after a couple of days. That’s where the IKEA 365+ food containers come to your rescue.

    The IKEA 365+ containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and store your food beautifully, offering organization and clarity in your fridge. You can also cook the food in an oven or a microwave, and serve it straight to the table. Pre-cooking in a large quantity also leads to sustainability. Replace the anxiety of opening a messy fridge, with the bliss of having your food game all sorted out — in a snap.

      Do you have any problem like this?

      When working from home becomes your way of life, it’s easy for you to take some short cuts. Even when making do with what you have, like a random stool, gives you stress and body aches, you put up with it anyway. But when it comes to your everyday work, why settle for compromise?

      The IKEA LÅNGFJÄLL office chair gives you the proper back and posture support of a fine office chair, with a minimal and stylish design that will look effortless in your home. Once you feel its comfort, you’ll probably want to keep sitting in it when dinner comes around, and also during your relaxation hours. Slide a LÅNGFJÄLL up to your dining table and transform your home workspace into your happy place — in a snap.