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SVEDJENÄVA Pre-cut fabric, multicoloured, dark,

Price JD 16.990/3 m
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Price/m JD5.660

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The ”Alfi” pattern, created by Sven Fristedt, first appeared in our catalogue already in 1971. Just as colourful then as it is now. An example of IKEA icons given a new life in the Nytillverkad collection.

Article number705.562.51

Product details

Part of the Nytillverkad collection where several IKEA classics have been given a new look.

The colourful ”Alfi” pattern, created by textile designer Sven Fristedt, originally adorned both curtains and duvet covers when it was launched in the IKEA catalogue in 1971.

This versatile fabric is ideal for curtains, crafts, apparel, home décor or other sewing projects you’ve been longing to get started on.


Sven Fristedt


Area: 4.50 m²

Length: 300 cm

Width: 150 cm

Designer thoughts

Designer thoughts

"I felt that patterns were so exciting when I started working with IKEA in 1965. I've been working with leaves all the time, both big and small. It suits me since I don't like working with rulers. On the other hand, I think cutting is very enjoyable since it automatically tends to result in round shapes. Creating is my way of life. And to now see my designs in new colours on the textiles in the Nytillverkad collection makes me really happy."

Designer Sven Fristedt