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Eva Lilja Löwenhielm/IKEA of Sweden/Jonas Hultqvist

  • Armrest section, outdoor
    Basematerial:Polyethylene plastic, Polypropylene plastic
    Frame:Steel, Polyester powder coating
    Corner section, outdoor/ one-seat section, outdoor
    Basematerial/ Bottom panel:Polyethylene plastic, Polypropylene plastic
    Frame:Steel, Polyester powder coating
    Elastic webbing:100% nylon
    Cover for back cushion/ cover for seat cushion
    100% polyester (min. 90% recycled)
    Inner cushion for back cushion
    Cover:100% polypropylene
    Filling:100 % polyester (100% recycled), Polyurethane foam
    Inner cushion for seat cushion
    Cover:100% polypropylene
    Filling:100% polyester (min. 80% recycled)
    Core filling:Polyurethane foam
  • Cover for back cushion/cover for seat cushionBy using recycled polyester in this product, we consume less new raw materials and lower our environmental footprint.The yarn in this product is dope-dyed, a colour method for synthetic fibres, which reduces consumption of water and dyestuff while improving colour fastness compared to traditional dyeing techniques.No perfluorinated chemicals (e.g. PFOS, PFOA, PFOSA) are used to make this product water repellent. As perfluorinated chemicals are non-degradable, it’s better for you and the environment to avoid them.
  • This product comes as 18 packages.
    SOLLERÖNArmrest section, outdoorArticle no:604.245.86
    Width: 55 cmHeight: 35 cmLength: 84 cmWeight: 11.15 kgPackage(s): 1
    SOLLERÖNCorner section, outdoorArticle no:204.245.93
    Width: 74 cmHeight: 40 cmLength: 82 cmWeight: 18.50 kgPackage(s): 1
    SOLLERÖNOne-seat section, outdoorArticle no:504.245.96
    Width: 65 cmHeight: 24 cmLength: 74 cmWeight: 15.25 kgPackage(s): 2
    FRÖSÖNCover for back cushionArticle no:703.917.12
    Width: 17 cmHeight: 4 cmLength: 22 cmWeight: 0.35 kgPackage(s): 4
    FRÖSÖNCover for seat cushionArticle no:903.917.11
    Width: 17 cmHeight: 5 cmLength: 22 cmWeight: 0.50 kgPackage(s): 3
    DUVHOLMENInner cushion for back cushionArticle no:103.918.33
    Width: 46 cmHeight: 15 cmLength: 64 cmWeight: 1.13 kgPackage(s): 4
    DUVHOLMENInner cushion for seat cushionArticle no:503.918.50
    Width: 64 cmHeight: 13 cmLength: 64 cmWeight: 1.50 kgPackage(s): 3

Easy-care plastic rattan/steel

Plastic rattan combined with powder-coated steel is durable, weather-resistant and easy to care for since it is maintenance-free. To keep the fresh look after many hours in the sun the plastic is both UV stabilised and fade resistant.

Modular corner sofa, 2-seat, dark grey/Frösön/Duvholmen beige

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