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New kitchenware for your next feast

Are you up for some new additions to your cooking and dining at home? Take a look at the latest pieces in our traditional dinnerware series, carbon steel frying pans, and the glossy mug made of surplus glass. You’ll find something for every kitchen this season.

White UPPLAGA serving and side plates with a floral pattern, holding leftover food, placed on a wooden table with tulips.
White UPPLAGA serving and side plates with a floral pattern, holding leftover food, placed on a wooden table with tulips.

Rural elegance in a teacup

Lay the table with the traditional, timeless design of the UPPLAGA dinnerware series that now includes a mug, serving plate and side plate. Go wholeheartedly all-in for the tradition – or mix and match with other porcelain.

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A close-up of UPPLAGA mug with a rustic floral pattern on white placed in a black room with shadows.
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More from the UPPLAGA series

A classic pan with a sustainable twist

Inspired by 1950s kitchenware design, the VARDAGEN frying pans have a classic retro style. The difference is that they are made in carbon steel which means they are lighter in weight and heat up quickly, making them more energy efficient all round.

A black VARDAGEN frying pan placed on a grey marble countertop with a frying pan and kitchen accessories at the back.

A kitchen workhorse

The VARDAGEN frying pan works well on all types of hobs, even induction hobs, and because it’s made entirely of metal it can also be popped into the oven – the extra handle makes it easy to pick up safely. While it’s cooking it also releases a healthy amount of iron, adding an extra touch to your finished meal.

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A close-up of the black carbon steel VARDAGEN frying pan with a handle placed on a grey marble countertop.
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Mugs with a beauty secret

Here’s a new addition to the BACKIG range of tableware – a mug that is just the right size for your morning coffee or leisurely afternoon tea. Its beauty secret? The dusky and dark look is a result of it being made from sustainable recycled black glass.

A black glossy BACKIG mug with a handle placed on a dark-red stone marble surface with some fabric in the background.

High in style, low in price

The glossy finish of the BACKIG mug has a slight purple tint that works well on its own or alongside other ranges. Being made from leftover glass also means it’s less expensive to produce, so it’s an easy way to add style, whatever your budget.

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Three BACKIG mugs in glossy black glass placed on a countertop with other mugs and a jug, with some tulips lying nearby.
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