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Start your college story

Starting college is a big step. It’s a time to figure out how to live on your own, and what you’ll need every day. We can help with furniture, accessories and easy ideas so you’re organised and off to a great start!

A girl is in her dorm on a BLECKBERGET swivel chair at a MICKE desk. She applies makeup and a LÅNESPELARE ring light is on.
A girl is in her dorm on a BLECKBERGET swivel chair at a MICKE desk. She applies makeup and a LÅNESPELARE ring light is on.

Clever ideas for organising and adapting your space

Dorm room life means thinking creatively, using every inch of space in the best way for you. Use a coffee table for a dinner party, or make a feature of your clothes. It’s all good!

A SNICKRA storage board holds pens, pencils and a ruler. Other desk items sit on a pair of BERGSHULT/PERSHULT shelves.
Two RIGGA clothing racks laden with clothes and shoes underneath. A GAMLEHULT storage footstool sits next to it.
A BLECKBERGET swivel chair and LAGKAPTEN/TILLSLAG desk sit under a VITVAL loft bed. A SNICKRA storage board is on the wall.
A vanity with a mirror and LEDSJÖ wall lamps on either side. A ring light is on, with hair dryer and makeup storage close by.
A young man holds a bowl and leans against a SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen while talking to a friend. A NISSAFORS trolley is nearby.
A VEBJÖRN desk, FORSÅ work lamp and BLECKBERGET swivel chair are in a student room. A PLUGGLAND memo board is on the wall.
FRIDNÄS nesting tables are set up in a room for a simple dinner party using the stools and sofa as seats for four people.
A PLUGGLAND memo board hangs on the wall underneath a shelf. It holds pens, scissors, dried flowers and two feathers.

The cosy bed kit

Let’s tick off the list one by one. Bed linen, throw, reading light, alarm clock and tray table. Night, night!

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ÅKERFIBBLA bed linen is on a RESGODS tray table. An IKEA bag, HOLMVI throw, SKURUP work/wall lamp and DEKAD clock are nearby.
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    Don’t forget to decorate

    Add a personal touch to your student pad with cushions, frames and decorative objects. This is your new home, so make your style mark.

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    A girl lies on the floor. SANELA cushions pop out of a box, and a HÖVOLM rack and TERTIAL lamp are mounted above.
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      The tech essentials

      Be a bright spark at college with technology and accessories that mean you can plug in and connect when it counts.

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      Tech gear including a LÅNESPELARE ring light, BERGENES tablet holder and ENEBY Bluetooth speaker sit together in a group.
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        Your study tools

        We’ve grouped together everything you need to study the smart way: a task light, organisers, wall storage and an ergonomic chair. Done!

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        Desk products sit on the floor. PLUGGLAND wire baskets sit near a BLECKBERGET swivel chair. A NYMÅNE lamp is nearby.
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