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Open and closed storage together

Hanging up things like jackets and skirts in an open wardrobe gives you an instant overview of what you have, as well as easy access. And combining this with closed storage like drawers for socks and underwear, for example, means you can get the best of both worlds.

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A HAUGA chest of 3 drawers stands next to a HAUGA open wardrobe with 3 drawers storing shirts and hats beside a window.
A grey HAUGA wardrobe combination with clothes hanging from BUMERANG coat-hangers on a rail stands near a SOLKLINT wall lamp.
See the HAUGA bedroom series

Looking for bedroom storage solution

Explore our innovative bedroom storage ideas and get your bedroom organised.

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Say hello to your cosy new favourites

Soft and cosy, patterned or bright – plus the nostalgic scent of lavender. Discover the new ÅKERJORDFLY duvet cover and pillowcase, designed by Eva Lundgren, which are too pretty to hide in your linen cupboard or save for when you have house guests. Why not sleep with them… or show them off.

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A FYRESDAL day-bed with blue/star pattern ÅKERJORDFLY bed linen and an ULLTISTEL throw stands next to a window.
A pair of TÅSJÖN slippers and a towel stick out of the top of a STRANDSKATA storage bag hanging on the outside of a cabinet.
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Buy complete bedroom solution starting at Rs.14,990

We offer timeless, rustic, elegant, modern, and contemporary furniture at affordable prices with nothing but creativity at your disposal.


Bedroom series for easy coordination

You can choose matching furniture from one of these bedroom series.

BRIMNES series – Modern style and with lots of clever storage ideas, perfect for smaller spaces
HEMNES bedroom series – Traditionally-styled solid wood furniture with lots of flexible storage options
MALM series – Bedroom furniture with a simple streamlined design

Great storage system for your bedroom

Wardrobes and more to help you keep your clothes organised and your bedroom tidy.

PAX system

You know your home and whatever’s in it the best - that’s why we let you customise your wardrobe to the fullest with our PAX system. From the size and design of the frame to the knobs and handles on the doors, you decide it all. 


Cleaner air while you sleep

You can improve the air quality in your bedroom with an air purifier. It can filter dust, pollen and other airborne particles from the air so you can enjoy better air quality all night long.

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A man is putting a white DVALA sheet on a light grey SLATTUM upholstered bed in a bedroom with a large window.
A black STARKVIND air purifier stands on an off-white STOENSE rug at the end of a light grey SLATTUM upholstered bed.
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Complete sleep comfort, your way

Buying a new bed? It’s easy to make a completely fresh start by adding on bed essentials like a mattress, mattress protector, bed linen and duvet.

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A white HEMNES bed by a bedside table with a RANARP work lamp on it, in a sunny bedroom with plants and natural decorations.
One side of a VALVÅG mattress that is covered with a white ROSENVIAL mattress protector with elastic straps to hold it on.
A bed that has a ruffled duvet on the top that is covered in BERGPALM blue and white striped bed linen.
A light blue VÅGSTRANDA pocket sprung mattress on a white MALM bed frame in a sunny room with lots of plants.
A light warm SMÅSPORRE duvet folded up on a mattress in a bright room with a pink flower on the window sill.
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