SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige

SALTHOLMEN series is a foldable favourite for small, busy balconies. Made of durable, powder-coated steel which makes it easy to wipe off and clean, and it comes pre-assembled for instant enjoyment.

Delivery and assembly prices not included.Article number491.838.14

Product details

Takes little room to store as both the table and the chair folds flat.Both the table and the chair come pre-assembled, so you can start using them immediately.Durable and hard-wearing; meets the requirements on furniture for public use.Table (diameter 65 cm, height 71 cm). Chair (depth 46 cm, width 42 cm, seat width 38 cm, seat depth 35 cm, seat height 46 cm, height 83 cm).May be completed with KUDDARNA chair cushion (32x36 cm), FRÖSÖN/DUVHOLMEN or YTTERÖN chair cushion or BENÖ chair pad (dia. 35 cm).Cushions are sold separately.The table and the chair have been tested for outdoor public use and meet the requirements for safety, durability and stability set forth in the following standard: EN581.Designer

Jon Karlsson

  • Table, outdoor
    Table top/ Frame/ Bar:Steel, Polyester powder coating
    Plastic washer/ Feet:Polyamide plastic
    Locking ring:Stainless steel
    Chair, outdoor
    Frame/ Seat/ Back:Steel, Polyester powder coating
    Plastic parts:Polyamide plastic, Polypropylene plastic
    Rivets:Stainless steel
    Table, outdoor/chair, outdoorClean: With a mild soapy solution.Maintenance: Require no maintenance.Storing: If possible, store in a cool dry place indoors. If the furniture is stored outside, cover it with a waterproof cover. After a rain or snowfall, wipe off excess water or snow from flat surfaces. Allow air to circulate to avoid condensation.
  • Table, outdoor/chair, outdoorProduct is possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community.
  • This product comes as 3 packages.
    SALTHOLMENTable, outdoorArticle no:603.118.34
    Width: 65 cm (25 ½ ")Height: 4 cm (1 ¾ ")Length: 96 cm (37 ¾ ")Weight: 7.85 kg (17 lb 5 oz)Package(s): 1
    SALTHOLMENChair, outdoorArticle no:403.118.30
    Width: 43 cm (17 ")Height: 6 cm (2 ½ ")Length: 97 cm (38 ")Weight: 5.57 kg (12 lb 4 oz)Package(s): 2


Brilliant addition to my BalconyDevalI wanted a seating that I can put away when it's not required. My search ended with this set on IKEA. Worth the money and portable.5
SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige

A flexible balcony life from successful teamwork

As society changes, new needs arise in people's homes. That's when it helps to look beyond the obvious. When designer Jon Karlsson created the outdoor furniture series SALTHOLMEN, he and his colleagues found new, smart solutions all the way from the drawing board to the factory floor.

With more and more people around the world moving to cities and living in small spaces, a balcony is a valuable extension of a home, no matter how small it is. This means the balcony is often used for several activities like eating, socialising, growing, hanging laundry and storing things. That's when it helps to have flexible furniture that can be easily moved and put away. At the same time, most people have limited budgets and want to have nice looking, durable furniture at affordable prices.

Well-known materials in a new context

This was the starting point when designer Jon Karlsson began sketching for SALTHOLMEN—a chair and different tables in powder-coated steel. At first glance, they look pretty ordinary. But for designer Jon Karlsson and product developer Jonas Forssten, SALTHOLMEN is the result of a sometimes rather complicated process that required using a well-known material in a slightly new way. After 12 years of working at IKEA, however, Jon Karlsson is accustomed to work that does not always follow a straightforward path and appreciates the limitations of an assignment. "The route you take during the process is what makes it really interesting, I think. To have completely free rein can actually paralyse creativity." Already from the beginning, Jon considered the materials and manufacturing conditions and benefited greatly from all of his experiences on the factory floor. It's crucial for a low price that production is smooth and fast, so even that must be planned from the drawing board, too.

Product development on the factory floor

After the sketches, 3D drawings and models in the workshop, it was time to develop prototypes. Product developer Jonas Forssten was one of the team members on site at the factory in China. "I had contact with Jon via phone and email. My phone's camera was a hard-working assistant! The couple of men in the factory who cut and adjusted by hand, were worth their weight in gold. Despite jet lag and long days, we were fantastically effective. The creative teamwork that happens when you work together gives an incredible boost." A major challenge of the project was that the furniture would be foldable and pre-assembled. The gateleg table involved a completely new experience for the team, explains Jonas. "We know that our customers appreciate gateleg tables, but we had never seen one entirely of steel before. There was no experience to build on. Instead, we had to test and develop it directly at the factory."

Challenges lead to a new form

Untreated steel rusts over time, but SALTHOMEN is protected because all parts are powder coated prior to assembly in the factory. The chair is then put together with visible stainless steel rivets. A functional detail that Jon thinks contributes to the chair's character. "Making a chair always means that you have to remain within various parameters, but I want to see them as opportunities rather than limitations." To find really good solutions to new needs in people's homes requires strong teamwork between designers, product developers, technicians and everyone involved. It's the challenges of reality that push us to sharpen our creativity, Jon explains. "It was everyone's patience and persistent work that led to SALTHOLMEN."

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Easy-care steel

Steel is durable, weather-resistant and easy to care for since it is maintenance-free. It has a powder-coating of paint too, to protect against rust.

Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige

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SALTHOLMEN Table+2 folding chairs, outdoor, beige