HANTVERK - Made by me

HANTVERK, meaning handicraft in Swedish, is a collection of ceramics, baskets, textiles, and more – handmade by artisans in India, Thailand, Jordan, and Romania. Inspired by Scandinavian design, each item tells the story of successful collaboration, niftiness, great quality, and – if you listen closely enough – of life-changing new opportunities.

Kavitha Nagaraj, Basket weaver, India
Less than a year ago Kavitha had never woven anything at all, let alone a banana bark basket. Since then she’s learned all parts of the weaving process and she’s now responsible for quality control at the Industree production hub in Madurai. Earning an income makes everyday life a little bit less stressful and gives her and her husband the chance to send their two sons to a good school.

Kiang Aitao, Ceramist, Thailand
It’s been 18 years since Kiang first started working at the Doi Tung factory located a mere ten minutes moped ride from her village. Since then she’s developed her skills, and been involved in most parts of the pottery making. Today she’s a supervisor and one of the artisans responsible for the glazing of the HANTVERK products.

“The handmade qualities are revealed in the details, like in the seam from the mould that runs down the centre of the vase.”

Iina Vuorivirta, IKEA designer

Scandinavia goes Indian

The same Scandinavian expression that signifies the HANTVERK collection overall is true for the towel and the throw, with an added Indian touch.

“I sent a sketch to Rangsutra in India and when I got the prototype back it had two different kinds of lines instead of the one that I had in mind. I think the final products look even better because of it.”

Iina Vuorivirta, IKEA designer

Made by me. Abeer Almnajed, JRF, Jordan

Design that creates jobs

The mix of print and hand embroidery is what makes the HANTVERK cushion covers stand out. It’s also what makes it possible to produce affordable handmade products – giving IKEA a chance to be part of creating even more jobs for women artisans.

Give away a truly good bag

The mulberry trees that thrive on the mountain slopes in Northern Thailand aren’t only loved for their delicious and super nutritious fruit, the bark can be transformed into paper – which we in turn have made into unique and sustainable gift bags. The perfect alternative to wrapping paper, for just about all occasions.

Meet Indian basket weaver Kavitha Nagaraj.

What makes you feel at home?

By teaming up with social entrepreneurs across the world IKEA contributes to creating jobs for people who need it, not least women – that way giving them a better chance of a life where they can feel properly at home.