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Wrapping paper, gift bags & accessories

Wrapping Your Gifts With A Personal Touch

You don’t need a reason to give gifts, you, however, do need our wrapping paper, gift bags & accessories to make those gifts look good. Wrap them up in our GIVANDE collection of wrapping rolls available in white and printed versions and tie them up neatly with the GIVANDE string. We’ve even got stickers that let the person know who their secret admirer is and tissue papers if you decide to go old-school and pick out flowers for a bouquet. Want your present to be thoughtful? Our set of 3 HANTVERK gift bags are eco-friendly too. 

Anniversary, Birthday Or Baby Shower - You Gift It, We’ll Wrap It!

Done selecting your present? Wrap them up with our wrapping paper, gift bags & accessories. Make the receiver feel special and give them their gifts in our HANTVERK set of 3 bags. The black and white bags look classy, and as they're handcrafted by skilled craftspeople, they are unique. You’ll be gifting the environment too - the HANTVERK bags are created out of sustainably-sourced bark from mulberry trees. Go the extra mile and wrap presents in our GIVANDE collection of gift wrap paper. Elegant white or festive prints, you decide! Or you can choose the red-white VINTER 2019 range of wrapping paper, gift bags & accessories for a cutesy feel to your Christmas presents. And after you’re done wrapping, add finishing touches with our GIVANDE beige and black string. We’ve also got colourful stickers to let the receiver know who the gifts are from. They are great for labeling your spice jars too! And if old-school romance is your thing, you can pick out some flowers for your loved one and wrap them up neatly with the printed GIVANDE tissue papers.

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