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TV & media furniture

How would you like your BESTÅ storage combination?

Big, small, high, low...? There are so many different BESTÅ combinations that it’s easy to get the personal storage you want.

See the BESTÅ system
See the BESTÅ system

No More Tripping Over Cables

Tuck all those wires and cables away and let your storage blend into your interiors with our stylish TV & media furniture. Like our vintage-style LIATORP with its smooth running drawers and glass doors or the BESTÅ with its adjustable shelves and extra room. Or you can check out our solid-wood HAVSTA that comes with a neat, airy design and openable lid. For trickier spaces, there’s always our PLASTA with its narrow frame. You even can more units for storing your DVDs and books.

Smart Storage For A Smart TV

Your TV has become smart, so it’s high time your TV storage is too. Our TV & media furniture do more, like hiding those pesky cables and wires and adding more room to store your accessories. The LIATORP storage blends well with your interiors and comes with a cornice and plinth that lets you add more units with ease. Its cord outlets declutter your space. So does our BESTÅ, with its integrated push-opening drawers and adjustable shelves that stash your remotes, CDs and kid’s toys, so your living room doesn’t look like a mess. You can also check out our timeless, solid wood HAVSTA that gives you something to look at even when your TV’s not on. Or if you’re in a space crunch, our PLATSA range of TV & media furniture fits in nicely with its narrow frame.

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