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Trolleys - An Extra Hand On Wheels

As a little extra storage space or just to move things around - trolleys up the convenience factor in your homes. Check out our KUNGFORS trolley that comes with three shelves so you can place plates, glassware, cutlery, and the food and wheel it out to the dining table all in one trip. Or use our versatile RISATORP trolley for some extra storage space in your kitchen or in your home office. Looking for something that’ll fit anywhere? Then NISSAFORS is the one. Use it in your bedroom or hall as a side table or in your bathroom to store all your bathing essentials.

Trolley storage that helps you work and play

Trolleys can help you to bring balance to your day. Use them within your home to keep your desktop a fluid space. Pack away work essentials, wheel around paints and brushes, serve drinks and snacks – simply roll with the ideas.

Two white NISSAFORS trolleys side by side. One is filled with paintbrushes and paint, the other holds folders and work items.
    A white NISSAFORS trolley with a plant, a mobile phone holder and desk accessories, placed by IVAR pine cabinets.

      Convenience On Wheels

      Trolleys can be used as extra storage, and easy to be moved around or just to keep all the essentials close at hand. We designed our KUNGFORS trolley like the ones at those fancy restaurants so you feel like a professional as you wheel out the freshly cooked meal and the dinnerware to the table. The top shelf is removable so you can also use it as a tray when you serve dinner or breakfast in bed. Or check out our NISSAFORS trolley that’ll look good anywhere in your home - use it to keep newspapers and magazines handy in the living room or as a side table in your bedroom. And for something more flexible (quite literally), check out our VIGGJA trolley - use it as extra space to put things on when you need it and fold it up to put it away when you don’t. Or check out our trolleys from the RÅSKOG series that comes with an adjustable middle shelf. It comes in a choice of colours so you can pick your favourite! And our GRUNDTAL trolley comes with all removable shelves so you can use it as it fits your need.  

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