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Toilet accessories

Give Your Bathroom The Attention It Deserves

Toilet accessories to ensure your bathroom is nice and shiny or toilet roll holders that can hold multiple toilet rolls at once - our range has everything you need. Check out the BALUNGEN toilet roll holder - it comes with a stand so you can store extra toilet rolls. And to keep your toilet sparkly, we have the VOXNAN toilet brush with a holder, made with stainless steel with a chrome finish, it is durable and resistant to corrosion. And to make sure that everything is within reach, we have a stepstool from BOLMEN series - we gave it anti-slip covering both on the top and its legs so you’re always safe no matter how high you’re trying to reach!

Keep Your Bathroom Clean And Organized With Our Toilet Accessories

Toilet brush, roll holder, step stools, and more - check our collection of toilet accessories for everything you need for a functional bathroom. Like the shiny BALUGEN toilet roll holder - fine details like hidden screws and chrome finish makes it look good in your bathroom. And to make it highly functional we added a stand to it to hold extra toilet rolls. And use our TOFTAN toilet brush complete with a holder to keep your toilet spick and span. It comes with a removable interior plastic container for easy cleaning. And when the brush gets too old just replace it with the HEJAREN replacement brush! And for the little ones we have the LOCKIG children’s potty so you can easily train your child to use the toilet. It comes with a removable insert that’s easy to remove and clean after every successful attempt!

Don’t forget to check out our entire collection of bathroom accessories to transform your bathroom into a highly functional and organized one!