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Sit, Lie Down Or Store Things - Our Sofa Beds Multitask Like No Other!

Our sofa-beds provide a cosy spot for your guests to sleep, especially when you’re short on room in the apartment. Some, like our VALLENTUNA modular sofa-beds, are super-customisable, so you can add or arrange units as you wish. Then there are daybeds like the BRIMNES, which comes with drawers for storing your bedding or your kid’s toys. Want a seating that multitasks? The vibrant FLOTTEBO and elegant NYHAMN look good, have space for storage, and transform from 3-seater sofas to a comfy single bed.

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Create a flexible sleeping spot with a cosy sofa-bed

Whether your living room doubles as your bedroom, or you want to free up some precious floor space for the essentials, a sofa-bed will do the job. Pair your bedding with your room deco for a harmonious feel when night-time comes.

Sofa beds, a piece of furniture for your guests to multitask! With a versatile sofa bed or sofa cum bed, you have a place to lounge and relax by day and a convenient, space efficient sleeping area by night. Being a great host to overnight guests is easy when you can transform your sofa into a bed. Some sofacumbed models also come with built in storage, making it an incredibly efficient piece of furniture.

Here are a few tips on how to choose the right sofa bed for your home.

Size and space

When choosing a sofa bed, you need to consider what size sofa you need and what will fit in your home.

Do you need to fit a big family or group of friends in your sofa? In that case, maybe a corner, or a big 3-seater sofa bed might be a good option. If you lack space in your home, you might want to look at a 2-seater or a small corner sofa bed. If your space is very limited, we also offer a selection of single sofa bed chairs.

Measure for both sofa and bed

Carefully measure your space and consider the room around the sofa before you start sofacumbed shopping. Remember that the mechanism of turning your sofa into a guest bed means it will take up extra space. Good planning would make it easy to switch from sofa to bed with minimal furniture rearrangement. 

Our sofacumbed collection offers a range of designs for varied room layouts. For example, a foldout sofa bed requires free space in front of the sofa, or at least space that can easily be cleared. A clic clac mechanism requires free space behind the sofa, since the backrest is pushed back and flattened. You can also choose a pull-out sofa bed or futon that will require free space in front of the sofa, just like the foldout.

If you’re short on space, storing spare bed linen might be a challenge. When that’s the case, a sofa bed with built in storage is a great solution. And remember, if you need some extra bed linen that matches your style – we’ve got you covered for that too!

Comfortable sofa beds

If your space is limited, fitting both a sofa and a bed in your room could be difficult. In those cases, a sofa bed could be the solution you need. A simple sofacumbed is adequate for an overnight guest. Just remember, if your sofa bed is going to be your primary bed, comfort will be essential.

Sofacumbed and day-bed designs with slatted bases add another layer of springiness to your bed,Luckily, we offer sofa beds that let you use a futon mattress – so you can get just the sleeping conditions you like. Yes, you can even choose a pocket spring mattress for select sofa bed designs!  Choose the firmness, softness and support of your mattress just like you’d do with any regular bed.You get double the benefit when you use the same supportive mattress cushioning as a sofa. 

Sofacumbed styles

Living room styles are very personal. Choose a sofacumbed design that reflects your personality and to match the rest of your furniture. Some of our sofabeds play well with specific sofa set collections. So, you can mix and match them without worrying about how they would look together. This helps create the traditional 3+2+1 or 3+2+2 seater sofa configurations in your living room. If you often have large groups staying overnight, you can choose sofacumbeds for all the seating in the room. 

Space-saving sofacumbeds in guest bedrooms

The ideal home makes the best use of every bit of floor space. A guest bedroom occupies a whole room and is rarely used. Use a sofacumbed to convert the room into a second living space and switch it to a bedroom only when required. This way, you get more use out of the room and can still comfortably accommodate guests. 

Corner sofa bed

If your living room is just right for a corner sofa, we also offer corner sofa bed designs. With left and right-hand options, you would never guess that these attractive designs can convert into a double bed. Most of the corner sofa beds also have inbuilt storage.

Cleaning a sofacumbed

Sofas need to look their best at all times. Most of our sofacumbeds come with removable covers that you can easily wash and replace. Removable covers also mean that you can switch the colours of your sofa whenever the mood takes you!