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Smart systems & controls

Making technology simple and easy to use

IKEA’s smart devices and controls enhance the functionality and efficiency of your home with technology. Smart lights can be dimmed and their colour can be changed from cool white to warm with wireless controls. Control your sound systems and speakers remotely and enjoy your music. 

Wireless convenience in your home

Smart home systems improve the functionality of lighting and devices in your home. Smart lighting and devices are easily controlled by apps. But, not everyone in your home may be comfortable with a smart device app. Dedicated remote controls make smart systems so much easier to use. Even people who are not tech-savvy can easily use the buttons on a remote control device. Signal repeaters improve the signal range and coverage for smart devices in larger homes. Wireless controls let you stretch out on your favourite recliner, put your feet up, turn the music on, dim the lights and enjoy a restful evening at home. 

Intelligent lighting for safety and comfort

Motion controlled lights are essential for bathrooms, stairways and foyers. Our intelligent motion sensors can control one or up to ten light sources when it senses someone moving. So, if you have a long hallway and staircase, the motion sensor will turn on all the lights connected to it when you approach. The controller turns the lights off after three minutes. This is a great energy saver as you do not have to keep all the lights on until bedtime. The wireless motion sensor does not need any wiring to be installed. It is approved as safe for use in bathrooms. The sensor can be set to day/night mode so that it does not turn lights on in well-lit areas during the day.

Sound systems

Fill your home with music by connecting your phone or another smart device to speakers. Wireless technology allows you to stream your favourite podcast or playlist to speakers wirelessly. Our sound remote adds more functionality to sound systems. The remote allows you to control play/pause, next/previous and volume functions remotely. To avoid misplacing the remote, a wall bracket lets you attach it with a magnet and detach it when in use. It can control one or multiple speakers in your home. 

Smart controls for smart lighting

Smart home systems become irrelevant unless all the members of the family can use them. Remote controls for smart lights are easy to use by children and people who are not familiar with apps. Simply install a wall bracket to your wall to hold the remote with a magnet. When you use the room, take the remote with you and easily control the lighting. The wall bracket ensures that the remote is well within the sight of anyone who uses the room. The labelled buttons are easy to understand and intuitive to use. 

Soft lighting for a relaxed setting

Sometimes, you may only wish to control the brightness of a light. A smart control with multiple functions would be unnecessary for this application. A simple wireless dimmer lets you brighten or dim one light or a set of lights easily. It has a magnetic wall bracket to hold it in place. A smart dimmer can be used in the living room to dim or brighten all the floor lamps together. 

Enhanced connectivity in all corners

A larger home or a home with thick walls can reduce the range of the wireless signals of controllers. Use our small and convenient signal repeater to ensure that there is a strong and uniform signal throughout your home. The repeater also features a USB port that you can use to recharge any USB device. It exclusively repeats the signal of IKEA smart products and does not interfere with or repeat the WiFi signal in the house.