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Plants & flowers

For The Busy Bees And The Budding Gardeners

Our collection of plants & flowers makes it easy for you to spend time among nature. You can bring some greenery into your space, despite a busy schedule, with our FEJKA collection of artificial ferns, vines, blossoms, and succulents or you can choose the HÖSTMYS flower ball - no need for maintenance here! And if you want to try your hand at caring for a green friend, there are always the SANSEVIERIA and ALOE VERA plants. They go a long way with only a little water and attention!

Plants for an easy-care, evergreen look

Leave it to a new set of plants to refresh and decorate any space. Going with artificial plants lets you create the same effect – only they’re just as happy without sunlight, and require virtually no maintenance.

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Three different FEJKA artificial potted plants, one of them in a grey GRADVIS plant pot, placed on wooden ledges.
    The long foliage of a FEJKA artificial potted plant drooping over the edge of the wooden ledge it stands on.
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    A table prepped for potting plants, plenty of green plants in pots, the IKEA catalogue, and soil on newspaper pages.

    Growing plants indoors made easy

    Take good care of your houseplants and they’ll take care of you too. Science says they boost well-being, reduce stress and help with creativity. Give love back to your plants by following these simple tips.

    Read tips for growing plants indoors
    Under a glass roof is a table with a linen tablecloth, plates, and plenty of plants and branches in plant pots and vases.

    Style your home with indoor plant decor

    Surround yourself with decorative plants and watch yourself bloom. Straight from our interior designers and creatives, these easy-to-do tips will make your home a lush oasis in no time.

    How to style with decorative plants

    Buy indoor plants and brighten your space

    You can choose decorative plants for your living room and flowering plants for home. They brighten up your home with their gorgeous green leaves and colourful flowers. Those who are fans of natural aesthetics but are looking for something commitment-free, can also opt for artificial indoor plants online at IKEA. 

    Imagine waking up early in the morning and being greeted by an assortment of splendid plants and flowers. To rejuvenate in nature’s lap, you can buy potted flowers, and you can also buy indoor plants to bring nature into your home.  Try your gardening skills with our array of accessories, when you buy flower plants online. IKEA makes growing indoor plants easy and affordable. Also, did you know that nurturing plants is believed to boost creativity, regulate stress and uplift well-being? 

    If you are busy, buy plants and flowers that require no maintenance, watering or sunlight – buy IKEA’s artificial indoor plants online.

    What to consider when looking for house plants ?

    If you are new on the journey of looking for house plants online, IKEA’s impressive variety of indoor plants is the right place to shop. Consider a few important points before investing your dime. 

    Styling your home with greenery

    Keep your interior style in mind while elevating your home decor. Our decorative plants can be creatively arranged to add a dash of vibrant hue to the balcony, walls, kitchen or your rooms. You can also buy plants and flowers to create an urban jungle for a luxurious oasis in your house. Or, add a kitchen garden to grow your own veggies and herbs! This way you get to save money and pack in all the nutrition from your very own organic produce while giving your kitchen a natural ambience. Finally, choose our range of minimalist pots and glass vases for an elegant visual appeal. 

    Caring for your room plants 

    Keep in mind the amount of time and effort that you can invest in your house plants. Some plants require regular watering, adding fertiliser, and even annual repotting. If you are a budding gardener, try out plants that require less maintenance. Aloe vera is your best bet. However, if you are always busy and just want greens around you without any trouble of continuously caring for them, choose our artificial potted plants.

    Choosing space for your green friends

    It is always great to consider your space options, before investing in indoor plants. We have a range of well-designed plant stands that make it super convenient for you to place all your greens in one place and water them on the go. You can also choose plant stands with wheels to move around your plants according to your desire and your sunlight availability. There are also pot holders available that you can hang from your windows or balcony. 

    Sunlight for your indoor plants

    Place your flower pots and greens according to their requirement for sunlight. Our labels will help you figure which ones to keep in the shade, and which to keep under direct sunlight, as some plants even need indirect sunlight. Strategically build shelves around the house where sunlight is not so easily accessible. You can also select artificial plants that look almost real and can be put anywhere in the house.  

    Once you have decided on which plants and flowers to buy, where to place them and how to decorate your interiors, there are so many other things to consider. This includes the right pots, watering cans and other essential items to give your home a green makeover.

    Stylish accessories when you buy the best indoor plants

    When it comes to buying indoor flowering plants, India has one of the most diverse climates to grow a range of plants. However, you also need to invest in the perfect accessories and other gardening items to let your plants and flowers weave their magic in your home. IKEA offers a range of pocket-friendly solutions that are an ode to nature and will definitely satisfy all your gardening goals. Our gardening and plant products are durable, versatile and efficient without compromising on stylish looks.

    Watering Can

    Most of your natural plants and flowers require regular watering and what better way to take care of hydration of your greens than a watering can from IKEA! Our watering cans are designed carefully, so you can display them with pride right beside your beloved plants. What’s more, with such a good-looking accessory, it is difficult to forget watering your greens.

    Plant Stands

    A great way to utilise space in small apartments or just save some floor space is getting plant stands that can hold multiple pots and can be placed anywhere in the house. They are functional and amazing to look at with their sleek shelves and other design inputs to display all your plants in one place. Some also come with wheels for easy mobility.  


    A set of clear glass vases in various shapes and sizes or just a statement piece can create an awe-inspiring still-life setting. Interior décor experts suggest putting up pots in the same colour, and varying sizes, to keep a consistent look around the house.  


    Last, but not the least, pots are the homes for your plants within your home. Pots with a clean look bring a classic appeal everywhere and are suitable for all plants, from orchids to kitchen herbs. We recommend buying pots according to the plant size and space inside the house. There are also self-watering plant pots that come with inserts to keep the soil moist and let your plants thrive without much hassle. 

    Whether you want to welcome the seasons with a pot of artificial chrysanthemums in your living room or improve the well-being in your office with an areca palm that humidifies spaces with dry air, IKEA has all the answers to make your indoors vibrant, inspiring and add joy to your life every day.         


    What kinds of flowers and plants are best for homes?

    Your preference and inhabiting space are usually behind all choices when it comes to choosing plants and flowers for your home. 

    What kind of indoor plants are best when you have a busy life?

    If you are someone with a busy schedule, succulents and artificial plants are the most convenient option as they require zero to minimal maintenance. 

    How to start a kitchen garden?

    Opt for fruit trees, herbs or simply sow seeds after putting soil and fertiliser in pots. Give the right amount of sunlight required for each plant in your kitchen garden.

    Can houseplants improve air quality?

    While indoor plants absorb gases and give out oxygen, they do not completely fulfil the overall air purification requirements of your house. 

    Are indoor plants good for your well-being?

    Yes, house plants have stress-relieving and mood uplifting qualities. Their refreshing colours and fragrances add to wellness. However, beware if you have any allergies to certain plant parts, such as pollen, or if you have pets at home. 

    Are indoor plants pet-safe?

    It is best to pre-check safety as some pets may react after eating or ingesting certain plants leaves or flowers.

    How often should house plants be watered?

    When you buy indoor flowers and plants, it is advisable to understand the origins of the plant. Succulents that grow in harsh climates, require little watering. Other plants may require watering once a day. 

    How important is sunlight for house plants?

    Different plants need different amounts of sunlight. If you have a plant that originally grows in the desert, it would require a lot of sunlight to survive while some that grow in dense jungles will require only partial sunlight to grow. 

    What kind of plants are best for houses with no sunlight?

    If your house has no access to sunlight, you can always opt for artificial flowers, hanging vines and plants.