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Outdoor lighting

Add A Twinkle To Your Outdoor Spaces

Make your gardens, patios, and balconies more inviting and homey by adding our outdoor lighting. Whether you want to chill there in the evenings or entertain guests for a party, our lights add a warm glow to your outdoor settings. String up some colourful fairy lights in the form of our SOLVINDEN and SVARTRÅ LED chains or add a rustic look to your garden tables with the STORHAGA lamp. And if you’re looking to spend some quality time with someone special, set the mood with our GODAFTON LED candles.

Set The Mood For A Cosy Evening Or A Romantic Dinner

String up some of our outdoor lightings in your backyard, patios, or balconies to create a warm and homey feel. Fix our SOLVINDEN battery-operated LED chain with 12 lights amidst your balcony rail, the vines in your garden, or around your furniture for a cosy look. They come with a built-in timer that switches them on at a particular time every day and keeps them shining until 6 hours. You can pick either the SOLVINDEN with yellow rice paper shades that give a soft, diffused glow or the colourful ones for a festive feel. The moisture-resistant STORHAGA LED lamps are the perfect addition to your garden tables! Rustic and charming, they can be dimmed to set the mood for your outdoor parties. And if you’re planning to wine and dine someone special underneath the stars, you can create a romantic ambiance with our GODAFTON set of 3 candles. They even replicate the flickering of a real candle flame.

We’ve got decorative lighting for your indoors as well!