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Mirror, mirror on the wall, fancy or simple we’ve got them all

The mirrors in our collection are as beautiful as they are functional. You can add some drama to your room with our ornate wall mounted VIKERSUND mirror. Our full-length mirror from the IKORNNES collection is a free-standing mirror that doubles up as a clothes stand, it looks great and is practical. You can even convert your chest of drawers into a dressing station with a table mirror from our KARMSUND collection. With a collection so versatile, you’ll find a mirror that will reflect you and your bedroom perfectly. 

New mirrors that show your style

Meet our new ALMARÖD mirrors: form and function all in one shiny package. These gilded beauties come in different sizes and become instant talking pieces in a room. Even better, mirrors transform a small room by creating a sense of depth and light up dark corners by reflecting light.

A black ALMARÖD mirror hung on an apricot-coloured wall in a rustic style kitchen, above the kitchen worktop.
    A black ALMARÖD mirror hangs in a living room, reflecting picture ledges with framed artworks on them on the opposite wall.

      A mirror to reflect your latest look

      When it isn’t used to check your fashion preferences, a mirror can be a style statement as good as any. Find one that complements the room it’s in – or sets a mood all by itself.

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      A green GRANVÅG mirror hangs on a white wall above green panelling, reflecting colourful clothes hung on the opposite wall.
        A black LINDBYN mirror and a lit MÅNALG lamp hanging side-by-side on a wall above an ash-veneer LISABO desk with decorations.
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          Want a mirror that is as pretty as you are? We’ll show you a brand new you at an IKEA store, or  better still, simply order online. 

          Unique mirrors to reflect a unique room

          From mirrors that reflect just your beautiful face to mirrors that let you click the outfit of the day, we’ve got plenty of options for you. You can draw your eyeliner perfectly with our vanity mirrors that can stretch and adjust to your convenience. Our mirrors combine aesthetics with smart easy-to-use multi-purpose designs. Our IKORNNES table mirror can also be hung on a wall and you can use the stand as a scarf or tie holder. Our KARMSUND collection of mirrors have a swirly crown on top that can be easily removed to suit your personal style. Choose from our mirror tiles and panels in the SÖRLI and KRABB collections that come in fun shapes that can be arranged to create a pattern that is uniquely you. Our KARMSUND table mirror and NISSEDAL wall mirrors have trifold adjustable mirrors so you can check yourself out from any and all angles. Our HÖNEFOSS mirror tiles can be stuck to your walls with double-sided tape; incredibly convenient and easy. Our mirrors are all provided with a safety film to reduce damage in the case of the mirror breaking.

          You can also use the mirrors to add some texture to your hallways. The MISSVEDEN mirrors are perfect if you wish to add some gold accent to your space. You could also get pieces of mirrors together to create shapes and designs based on your creativity.So whether you want a mirror that can be hung on the wall, placed on a desk or mirror tiles to create your own pattern, you can get them all at IKEA. 

          Want a more sophisticated mirror for your washroom? The cabinet mirrors come with both a cupboard for your skincare, makeup and perfumes with mirror doors. This makes your skincare routine faster and easier. We’ve got large mirrors and small mirrors. We’ve got mirrors to decorate your space, and we’ve got standing mirrors that'll stand by you through all those embarrassing sweaters and the pretty dresses. We’ve got mirrors of all shapes and sizes ready to mirror you. 

          The NYSJON mirrors come with a shelf where you can put pretty plants to remove the moisture or add aesthetics to your bathroom. You could also place your rings and hair ties on them before you take a shower. 

          Click pretty selfies with stunning mirrors that reflect the real you.