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Mirror, mirror on the wall, fancy or simple we’ve got them all

The mirrors in our collection are as beautiful as they are functional. You can add some drama to your room with our ornate wall mounted VIKERSUND mirror. Our full-length mirror from the IKORNNES collection is a free-standing mirror that doubles up as a clothes stand, it looks great and is practical. You can even convert your chest of drawers into a dressing station with a table mirror from our KARMSUND collection. With a collection so versatile, you’ll find a mirror that will reflect you and your bedroom perfectly.

Admire your reflection – and organisation

Always searching for hair ties and lip balms? Keep yours beautifully organised and win back time with a GRIMSTORP mirror.

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A GRIMSTORP mirror hangs against a pink wall, with makeup, hair ties and accessories on its shelf.
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Tips on decorating with mirrors.

How to decorate with mirrors

Do you want an easy way to make your home feel more spacious, or perhaps you want to brighten up a dark corner that doesn’t get much natural light? Learn how to do all this and more with magical mirrors.

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Unique mirrors to reflect a unique room

Our mirrors combine aesthetics with smart easy-to-use multi-purpose designs. Our IKORNNES table mirror can also be hung on a wall and you can use the stand as a scarf or tie holder. Our KARMSUND collection of mirrors have a swirly crown on top that can be easily removed to suit your personal style. Choose from our mirror tiles and panels in the SÖRLI and KRABB collections that come in fun shapes that can be arranged to create a pattern that is uniquely you. Our KARMSUND table mirror and NISSEDAL wall mirrors have trifold adjustable mirrors so you can check yourself out from any and all angles. Our HÖNEFOSS mirror tiles can be stuck to your walls with double-sided tape; incredibly convenient and easy. Our mirrors are all provided with a safety film to reduce damage in the case of the mirror breaking. So whether you want a mirror that can be hung on the wall, placed on a desk or mirror tiles to create your own pattern, you can get them all at IKEA.