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Shine bright!

Lighting is the most powerful piece of furniture. It can make or break a room. And the importance of lighting doesn’t just stop at functionality. From super-slim spotlights to cosy pendant lamps, find the right style that suits your home and makes you glow.

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A white RANARP floor/reading lamp placed behind a grey armchair in the corner of a bright living room with beige walls.
Six different LED bulbs hang from a ceiling with black chords and against a dark green background.
A black NÄVLINGE LED clamp spotlight attached to a bookshelf and with light directed down on to a desk.
A white NYMÅNE desk lamp on a light wooden table. A pair of glasses, notebooks and scissors. Dark beige walls.
A white VINDKAST pendant lamp hangs in a white room over a bed with pillows and a white cabinet in the background.
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Lights up your room. Even when it’s off.

BLÅSVERK table lamp really owns the room. It’s bright. Bold. And brims with personality.

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Video: A BLÅSVERK table lamp shown in three different colours in a studio space moves to a yellow BLÅSVERK table lamp within a home.
A close-up of a yellow BLÅSVERK table lamp that shows the lamp shade’s two parts, which are yellow and white.
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Lighting series for coordinated style

NÄVLINGE series – Sleek design with lots of flexible options
VINDKAST series.
NYMÅNE series – Simple style that easily blends in
ÅRSTID series.
SKURUP series – Rugged construction and timeless design
SOLKLINT series.

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