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Kitchen & appliances

Find the perfect kitchen for you

Whether you’re looking for a complete kitchen system that you can personalise any way you want, or a simpler, yet fully functional kitchen, that you can install in a day, we have a solution to suit your needs, style preference and wallet size.

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A kitchen with KALLARP kitchen fronts, a RÖNNINGE table with a vase on it and a BUNKEFLO pendant lamp in white and birch.
A row of kitchen cabinets with VEDHAMN fronts in front of a window, with a pot and condiments on the worktop above.
An ENHET kitchen with a MATTRADITION wall-mounted extractor hood in black and a HEKTAR pendant lamp in dark grey.
A farm style kitchen with KNOXHULT cabinets against a grey wood-panelled wall. Bowls, plates and jars are sitting on shelves.
A SUNNERSTA mini-kitchen against a dark grey wall and a kitchen trolley with glasses, plastic containers and jars.
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Plan your dream kitchen with IKEA.

Reach out to our online & in-store kitchen planning specialists. 

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UPPDATERA series – for organised kitchen drawers

With the flexible UPPDATERA interior organisers, you can adapt the inside of your kitchen drawers and cabinets to suit all your needs – even if you don’t have an IKEA kitchen!

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Glass jars of herbs and rolls of string sit in UPPDATERA bamboo utensil trays inside a kitchen drawer.
An open black kitchen drawer revealing bowls stacked in an UPPDATERA pegboard drawer organiser in anthracite.
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Kitchen appliances for every home and budget

Are you planning a new kitchen or improving an existing one? At IKEA you can find the perfect set of quality appliances to fit your kitchen and cooking needs.

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A kitchen with fronts in VOXTORP dark grey and SINARP brown. There are boxes of take-out on the KARLBY kitchen worktop.
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Bestsellers in kitchen

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A RÅSKOG kitchen trolley with three shelves on wheels holds plants, pots, twine and other gardening tools.
A RÅSKOG kitchen trolley in white on wheels has two bottles of coloured juice on the top shelf along with jars.
A selection of glass jars contain pickled vegetables and other colourful foods, all filling a RÅSKOG trolley on wheels.
The three shelves of a RÅSKOG kitchen trolley are full with a bowl of bread, dishes, napkins and more.
A white kitchen with a RÅSKOG kitchen trolley with its shelves full of pots, pans, and an IDEALISK sifter.
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