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Indoor lighting

Fill Your Home With A Warm, Cosy Light

For special occasions or to add a cosy ambience to your home, our indoor lighting brighten things up with the flick of a switch. They help save on your electricity bills and are a safer replacement for candles or diyas. You can get our LJUSANDE LED candles to make everyday dinners a fancy affair or use the STRÅLA candelabra or lampshades to turn your lighting into a decor piece. Diwali around the corner? Our MOGNAD tea lights deck your living spaces with a warm glow and a festive look.

Brighten your rooms and your mood!

Indoor lighting does more than let you see things. It sets the mood and adds to the decor of your homes - like our energy-saving LJUSANDE LED candles. They’ve got a built-in timer that turns on the candles every day at the same time for 6 hours. The LJUSANDE gives out a flickering glow like a real candle - set them up on your dining table to turn every meal fancy or create the ambiance for that romantic candlelight dinner. Or you can check out the 3-armed LED candelabra from our STRÅLA range of indoor lighting. It works on batteries, so you can keep it anywhere. Carry it around with you to that comfy nook and settle down with a book or a drink in hand. Festival time? Our MOGNAD LED tealights look just like traditional diyas - Diwali decor ready! And if you want your lighting to add a statement to your interiors, get our colourful and stylishly shaped STRÅLA lamp shades.

Improving your indoor space with lighting

Lighting creates an ambiance and adds to the atmosphere of the room. Adequate and intelligent lighting makes it easy for us to complete everyday tasks. The best way to improve your space with lighting is to have three different types of lighting in the space:

  • General lighting which includes ceiling or pendant lights
  • Specific focussed lighting for a work area or table
  • Ambient lighting is the decorative lamps, candles or wall fixtures

Lighting in the living area

You can also maximize natural light by adding reflective surfaces and mirrors as part of your decor. Use decorative and coloured lampshades and decorative light fixtures to complement the colour scheme of the room. You can create a focal point by placing a chandelier or a decorative pendant lamp in the middle of the room. Dimmable lights let you control the amount of lighting that you want in the room.

Kitchen lighting

Use in-cabinet lights and lighted displays to add more charm and ambient light to the room. Pendant lights over the breakfast corner of the kitchen island add to the attractiveness of the room.

Use under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen to ensure that the workspaces are brightly lit while the rest of the kitchen has ambient lighting for the atmosphere.

Bedroom lighting

A bedroom needs lighting that is warm and relaxing. Consider using decorative Led candles or fairy lights to add atmosphere. Use bedside lamps for reading, so you do not have to get out of bed to turn the lights off.

Dedicated LED lighting and retrofit LED lighting

LED lights are much slimmer than conventional bulbs. Dedicated LED lighting designs take advantage of this slimness to create light and lamp designs that were not possible with traditional bulbs. Retrofit LED lighting is when the LED lights are shaped to replace a standard incandescent bulb in an older fitting.

Architectural lighting vs decorative lighting

A light fitting that is a decoration by itself is decorative lighting. Architectural lighting uses the light itself as an ornamental feature even if the fitting is not seen. Ideally, a home will have a combination of both types of lighting to create a harmonious and inviting interior.

Can you use indoor lights outside?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly to determine whether a lamp is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Not all indoor lights can be safely used outside, where they are subject to the elements.

Can I leave my fairy lights on all night?

Battery-powered fairy lights can generally be left on at night as decorative or night lights. It is better to follow the manufacturer’s directions for the safe use of fairy lights.

Creative uses of fairy lights

Fairy lights are a festival decorating staple. But, you can use them around the year for other purposes;

  • As a decorative night light
  • To add a romantic atmosphere to a room
  • To frame a window, mirror or television cabinet
  • To enliven a dinner table centrepiece
  • Within a glass container, jar, bottle or vase
  • To create a starry ceiling
  • In an unused fireplace
  • In the garden or patio

Done lighting up your living rooms? Check out our outdoor lighting for your gardens and patios!