Indoor lighting

Fill Your Home With A Warm, Cosy Light

For special occasions or to add a cosy ambience to your home, our indoor lighting brighten things up with the flick of a switch. They help save on your electricity bills and are a safer replacement for candles or diyas. You can get our LJUSANDE LED candles to make everyday dinners a fancy affair or use the STRÅLA candelabra or lampshades to turn your lighting into a decor piece. Diwali around the corner? Our MOGNAD tea lights deck your living spaces with a warm glow and a festive look.

Brighten Your Rooms And Your Mood!

Indoor lighting does more than let you see things. It sets the mood and adds to the decor of your homes - like our energy-saving LJUSANDE LED candles. They’ve got a built-in timer that turns on the candles every day at the same time for 6 hours. The LJUSANDE gives out a flickering glow like a real candle - set them up on your dining table to turn every meal fancy or create the ambiance for that romantic candlelight dinner. Or you can check out the 3-armed LED candelabra from our STRÅLA range of indoor lighting. It works on batteries, so you can keep it anywhere. Carry it around with you to that comfy nook and settle down with a book or a drink in hand. Festival time? Our MOGNAD LED tealights look just like traditional diyas - Diwali decor ready! And if you want your lighting to add a statement to your interiors, get our colourful and stylishly-shaped STRÅLA lampshades.

Done lighting up your living rooms? Check out our outdoor lighting for your gardens and patios!