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Home improvement

Little Things, Big Impact

It’s the little things that make all the difference in your home! Whether you are giving your furniture a new lease of life with beeswax and glazing oils or sound-proofing your bedroom for a peaceful sleep, our home improvement range makes the difference between a house and a home. You can even make small renovations when you are on a budget by choosing new knobs and handles for your cabinets or decorating your patio and backyard with our stylish flooring - make your living space, truly yours!

Acoustic panels

Health and well-being are important to us all. And city life can be so noisy, so our ODDLAUG sound absorbing panels lower noise levels in your home by disrupting sound frequencies. Use them as room dividers, hang them on the wall or even as light filters. Sleep better, live quieter, feel better.



Need To Add Finishing Touches To Your Home? DIY!

Make renovating the little things in your home, a fun DIY project with our home improvement collection. We even have the right set of tools & fittings for you! You can lay a sound-proofing layer on your bedroom walls to keep the traffic sounds out and get a goodnight’s sleep. Or you can baby-proof the house with our range of corner bumpers and door-stops that ensure you don’t worry about your kids’ safety. Looking to renovate on a budget? Give your walls a makeover with our colourful splashbacks & back panels that instantly change the atmosphere of your interiors. You can even revamp your cabinets and wardrobes with new knobs & handles. With our home improvement collection, you can make your antique furniture to appear as good as new. Our oils, stains & product care range gives you the option of polishing the wood with beeswax or giving them a scratch-resistant glazing coat.

Seriously thinking redecorating? Here are some furniture and lighting options you can check out.