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Holiday decoration

Ready your home for the festive season

Holiday decorations set the stage for festivals and celebrations. Usher in the festive season with decorative items to create a warm and welcoming ambience. Beautiful decoration pieces become treasured heirlooms that hold years of festive memories of happy times. Pick from our range of beautiful decorations to make your home festival ready this year.

Holiday decor - ‘tis the reason to be jolly!

Ready your home for the festive season with decorations. Beautiful decorations enhance the elegance and good looks of your home. 

Coloured baubles

A Christmas tree would be incomplete without baubles. Green and red are the classic Christmas colours. Pick one of our packs of ornaments in a combination of red, gold and shades of green. The shades are perfect for an elegant, well-balanced tree. The deep green and red are Christmas classic staples. The gold and the light green bring a touch of lightness to the tree. Green, red and gold baubles are easy to match with any other decorations. 

Hanging baubles

Tree baubles and ornaments should be hung securely on the tree. Our packs of tree ornaments come with ribbons that make a secure and pretty addition to the ornament. 

Beaded garlands

Beaded garlands in gold and silver bring a subtle elegance to your Christmas tree. 

Glass baubles

Baubles are most attractive when they are delicate and reflective. Glass baubles have a traditional charm that is hard to replicate with synthetic materials. Glass baubles retain their beauty and shine. When stored carefully, they can add to your collection of baubles that go on to become family heirlooms. Glass baubles should be hung securely on the tree and out of reach of children. 

Plastic baubles

Baubles made of plastic are recommended for homes with children or curious pets. Our plastic ornaments are made with durable materials that are resistant to damage, and they come with hooks that make them easy to hang up. 

Baubles with prints

You can add a touch of whimsy or interest with baubles that have patterns or prints on them. Clear glass baubles look delicate and ethereal. Pick from our collections to choose clear baubles with prints, polka dots or a touch of gilt on them. Glass baubles on a tree reflect Christmas lights and look very festive. 

Textured baubles

The beauty of baubles is enhanced when they catch and reflect light. Our baubles with textured shapes and patterns play with light to enhance the look of your Christmas tree. 

Shaped baubles

Mix globe baubles with pretty glass ornaments in other shapes. A star shape evokes the story of Christmas and adds to the meaning of the tree. Bells and hearts are also classic shapes for tree ornaments. 

Animal baubles

Bring out the child in you with quaint animal-shaped baubles. Our fox, hare and deer themed baubles are inspired by the forest animals of Scandinavia and bring you a touch of the home of IKEA. 

Village decoration

A white Christmas is a mental picture that many of us have of this festival. While snow in the winter may not be a reality in all geographies, we can dream. Evoke the feeling of a white Christmas with a beautiful village scene. With a sleigh, Santa figures, reindeer and cheery village people, the decorative set brings the feeling of a snowy Christmas into your home. 

Santa Claus

Christmas would be incomplete without Santa. Our cone shaped Santa decoration adds a Santa theme to your home. Place him under the tree, on a shelf or even on one of your living room chairs.