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Decorative lighting

Create A Festive Atmosphere In Minutes

You will impress your guests with how much time and effort you take to decorate your home for parties but how little time you spent on decorative lighting can be our little secret. Setup the most romantic outdoor dinner on your balcony lit up with the SOLVINDEN LED solar-powered table lamp. Or check out the MOGNAD LED tealights that give you an authentic flickering light - it’s perfect to be used as lamps in your rangoli or as lights in your Christmas decor.

Lanterns And Candles That Love The Wind

Add decorative lighting for a festive backyard or balcony with the lantern-shaped SOLVINDEN LED solar-powered lamps. It can be used outdoors and recharges itself on exposure to sunlight. For a more intimate setting, plan a romantic surprise for your partner by lighting up every surface in your dining room or bedroom with the flickering GODAFTON LED candles. They give you the same effect as candlelight with the flick of a switch and you can focus on your dinner without having to trim the candles. To enjoy the candlelit effect on a daily basis, opt for the LJUSANDE candles with a timer to light up at the same time every night and stay on for 6 hours. Use the STRÅLA cord set to run an extended power line to light up a buffet or dining area. It has its own control switch and a bulb holder. And complete the STRÅLA cord set with your selection of a lampshade from our collections.