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LJUVARE Collection

For this year's collection, IKEA chose to work together with the Lebanese designer Nada Debs. We are thrilled to present this collaboration and the LJUVARE collection, and we hope that you can see, feel, use the connection between a designer from the Middle East and IKEA's democratic design.

Discover collection
Discover collection
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Personalise Your Home Just The Way You Like It

It’s the decorative touches in a home that let your own individual sense of style shine through. Choose from our exquisite collection of big art prints that can be framed to fit your walls. Or check out the KNOPPÄNG frames that can be filled with your favourite snapshots and prints to create a wall of memories. Or opt for the SKÅDIS pegboard that gives you a frame to display an ever-rotating collage of your favourite pictures or your child’s artwork. The SAMMANHANG collection of glass-enclosed displays showcases your favourite objects and souvenirs and makes a great conversation starter. And a few well-placed HÖSTMYS floral decoration balls will add a burst of colour and texture to any room. Check out the KAFFEBÖNA bamboo woven vase to add a rustic feel to your room - fill it with an artificial bouquet from the SMYCKA collection to add a touch of softness and romance to your rooms. And when love is in the air, light up our scented candles from the NJUTNING series to hold onto that romantic atmosphere. And for some maintenance-free leafy friends, create a green corner in your home with the realistic FEJKA and ANTHURIUM potted plants.