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Add a glimmer of old-world charm with these elegant tealight holders

Elevate the everyday with SMÄLLSPIREA tealight holders. “I love being inspired by old things at flea markets and I’m an enthusiastic glass collector,” says designer Hanna-Kaarina Heikkilä. “When I designed the series, I wanted to make modern products reminiscent of traditional glass from times gone by.”

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Five clear glass SMÄLLSPIREA tealight holders, three with tealights, are placed on a side table by a window.
Five SMÄLLSPIREA tealight holders, with three stacked up, are placed on a side table by a window with lace curtains.
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All things clocks!

Time travel through our range of analogous, digital wall & table clocks. Functional elegance at its best!

Ace your wall decor with new framed prints

If you love the effect of a gallery wall but don’t know how to achieve the look, this set of framed prints with an easy-to-use template can give you what you’re looking for. The prints have a common theme so a coherent look is easily acheived, and all frames are ready-to-hang. Boom, artwork done like a pro.

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A rustic white wall decorated with various KNOPPÄNG frames and PJÄTTERYD pictures with nature themes of flowers and ferns.
A RIBBA frame with poster depicting an abstract illustration of colourful stacked rocks leans against a textured wall.
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Planters and pots designed to make your plants pop

Plants deserve a happy home too. Jazz up your plants and indoor flowers a little with flower pots and planters with unique designs. These plant pots feature textures and details directly on ceramics and glass for that vibrant look that makes your plants come alive.

Playful vase or fun watering can?

Get creative with your décor by choosing pieces that are fun to use. Designed by Bruno Adrien Aguirre, this vase and watering can combined, is inspired by the cactus plant. Made with a playful and bold expression it brings an instant smile to your lips and becomes a talking point when you have guests over.

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Make your home a place for art

Get the feeling of being in a beautiful atelier by surrounding yourself with works of art. Designed by Ilse Crawford, these glass vases are hand blown with leftover glass so each vase is completely unique. The stunning, clean shapes and tactile surfaces provide a delightful focal point for any room.

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A mirror to reflect your latest look

When it isn’t used to check your fashion preferences, a mirror can be a style statement as good as any. Find one that complements the room it’s in – or sets a mood all by itself.

Dress your home with colorful textiles

Put down the paintbrush, hammer and drill. You can completely transform the look and feel of your home by changing the textiles. See how different your home could look with some new cushions, bedsheets, rugs, throws and curtains.

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Buy home decor items online for your house

When you buy home decor online, you get to browse through a large number of options with little to no effort. If you’re buying decorative items online, you can visit our vast collection at IKEA. We have everything from plants and planters, to pots, candle holders, vases, and more to add a refined touch to our stock. Add to your furniture, set a theme for your house, or simply play around with all the options we have to give your house a new look and feel. 

If you want home decor accessories when you’re buying home decor online, you need to look no further. We have everything you might need under one roof. So what are you waiting for? Browse through our home decor accessories to find the perfect added touch to your living space.

Buy home decor items to revamp your space

Your fully furnished house might need a little bit of an added touch to make it feel complete. You can do that by using home decor items for your house. It doesn’t matter if you’re decorating or redecorating your space, it can always do with a little bit of a personal touch. Our home decor accessories give you plenty of options to choose from when you’re revamping your space. 

The first step to buying home decor accessories is to understand how to fill up your space. 

It’s all about the quality of your pieces

You can add a tasteful touch to your passageway with just a mirror and a vase as decorative items for your home. Redecorating can be as simple as that. You have to get a better understanding of the space you’re trying to accessorise before you buy room decor items for it. Always remember to choose quality over quantity. Just because you think ten things will look good in your living room does not mean that they will create a good look when put together. Always keep that in mind before purchasing room accessories.

Use a combination of objects and colours

Buying ten different versions of the same thing might work for cushion covers, but it doesn’t look good for your home accessories. It might look bland, overcrowded and repetitive. To avoid this from happening, you should look into combining a variety of objects based on colours and textures. Different small home decor items put together can create a very grand effect, with very little effort and space. If you buy multiple small home decor items, they will also be a lot more affordable, so you can afford to change them up over short periods of time without feeling guilty about it.

Layer your home accessories

Use size and materials at hand to your advantage when you’re investing in decorative items for your home. For example, if you have a big three-seater sofa with two big cushions, you can add a couple of small-sized cushions to it along with a throw to create a comfortable and cosy environment. If you have a side table you can furnish it with a big vase and a small planter along with placements for your coasters. Similarly, multiple spaces around your house can be reorganised, utilised, and beautified with the help of small rearrangements done with the help of some room decor items. If you’re buying a big interior showpiece for your home, then you can accessorise it further by adding smaller elements around it to make more of a statement. 

What are some of the must-have home decor accessories for your house?

Before you begin buying showcase items online or even buying home decor items online, you should take a look at what your house needs to spruce it up. Your room accessories can be anything - a mirror, a planter, a vase for flowers, a side table with cute knick-knacks, an interior showpiece for your home, etc. Here is a list of all the go-to and most popular options people use as decorations for their homes.

Mirror mirror on the wall

A mirror can be a versatile and utilitarian option as a home accessory. You can make a small space look a lot bigger and more welcoming by adding a mirror. For example, if you have a narrow passageway right after your home entrance, adding a big mirror to it can make it look more spacious. An added benefit to that is you can always take a look at yourself before you leave the house! 

Couch accessories

Some of the most popular home decor items are accessories for your couch. You can add a small rug in front of it to make it look more comfortable. You can use cushions to make your couch look fuller and more welcoming. You can even add a throw to make it cosy. You can use side tables and coffee tables to accessorise your couch as well. Your sofa set doesn’t have to limit itself to just be

ing a couch for you to sit on. It can be the focal point of setting the tone for decorative items in your living room.

Add some art to your walls 

You can build a wall of art as a part of a decorative item for your home. It doesn’t have to be fancy and expensive. You can also use your favourite photographs, from your childhood or even collected pieces, and put them in one of our photo frames available at IKEA to build a wall of treasured memories. Adding art to your walls can beautify your space in no time, and give it a more timeless look. 

Flowers and planters to make your home decor


Who doesn’t love fresh-smelling flowers in their home? Who doesn’t want a little bit of greenery in their house? You can check our collection of vases and planters at IKEA to add a touch of green to your house. People don’t look at plants as decorative items for their homes, but they are a great room accessory to have. The best part is that they work in any room! You can add plants to your balcony, living room, bedroom, and even your bathroom. They will create a sense of lushness in your living space and make your house a lot more lively. 


Do coffee tables need decoration or accessories?

Coffee tables do not need any decoration, but that doesn’t mean you cannot add to them. Use it to put some flowers, add some of your favourite coffee table books and magazines, or even place potpourri on your coffee table to accessorise it.

What are some of the most popular home accessories available at IKEA?

If you’re looking for room decor items at IKEA, we have plenty of options available, such as:

  • Photo frames and pictures
  • Plants and flowers
  • Planters and flower pots
  • VasesMirrors
  • Candles and candle holders
  • Table lamps and lampshades
  • Bowls

And much more.

How do I create a festive mood with my home decor items?

You can look at buying new flowers for the festive season, and you can check out our candles and candle holder collection to create a more festive mood for your house. It’s all about setting your home accessories in a way that creates a mood more than the items you buy.

How can I decorate my windows with small home decor items?

You can add curtains or colourful blinds to your windows to decorate them. You can also accessorise them with small plants that you can keep by your window sill. Otherwise, you can also use photo frames to add a more personal touch to your windows. Small finishing touches can go a long way when you’re decorating your house.

Why should I use home accessories to decorate my house?

You don’t need to buy home decor items, it’s not a necessity. But if you do buy them, you can reflect a sense of your personal style through your home. They add a touch of your personality to the house, and they are a way of showcasing who you are to whoever visits your space. They also make a house feel more like a home.