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Cushions & cushion covers

Cushion pillows to add a sense of style and comfort to your home 

Our collection of cushions and cushion covers lets you add to your space without taking away from the design or aesthetic of your home. Make your house a lovelier and livelier place with our cushions.

Fresh touches with new cushions and covers

Cushions or cushion covers are a quick, easy way to give things a refresh without breaking your budget. So why not cheer up your old sofa or boost your bedroom today?

A SÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, with a throw and an extra cushion with a DYTÅG cushion cover, stands in a living room.
Four cushions, including one in a grey/white STORTIMJAN cushion cover, are piled on a LINANÄS sofa near a throw.
    A bed in a room with a sloping ceiling with JUNIMAGNOLIA white/dark blue bed linen and pink cushions and a throw.
      A cushion covered in an off-white SVARTPOPPEL cover on top of bedding in floral white/multicoloured LAPPNYCKLAR bed linen.
      A GUNNEMOR throw lies on a cushion with an AINA cushion cover on top of an EVALI throw which is lying on top of a sofa.
      Cushions in different cushion covers, including a HILDAMARIA cushion cover, on a NEIDEN bed covered in white bed linen.
        A PLATSA storage bench with a lot of cushions on top, including one in a JÄTTEPOPPEL cushion cover, stands under a window.
          A cushion in an off-white/black SPIKKLUBBA cushion cover in front of another cushion in a dark beige DYTÅG cushion cover.

          Setting the style with cushion covers

          Looking for a quick, easy and very affordable way to create a style? You could mix cushion covers in earth colours to give a soft, traditional look. Or why not use different graphic patterns, together with calm solid colours as a background, to create a modern vibe?

          Cushions in different cushion covers including one in a dark beige DYTÅG cushion cover lie on top of a storage unit.
            Cushions in different cushion covers including one in a light blue GURLI cushion cover on top of a FRÖSET easy chair.

              Buy pillows online 

              Wondering how to spruce up your living room, outdoor seating area, or your bed, with little to no effort? The answer is easy. Get one of our small cushions or long cushions for the sofa to enhance your space and make it look a lot cosier.

              You can look at our rectangle cushions, and sofa pillow sets or you can buy our diwan pillows online for the  sofa in your living room. We also have small 16 by 16 cushions that can cosy up any seat or piece of furniture. 

              You can also look at our collection of bed cushion sets in case you want to make your bed a more comfortable place for you to sleep in. There’s no such thing as too many cushions in a space. Cushions are soft, and comfortable, and can be moved around whenever you don’t need them. 

              Reasons to get sofa pillows for your house

              Cushions require little to no maintenance. All you have to do is change your cushion cover to get a new look. So there is none of the efforts of redecorating, with all of the benefits of creating a new look to your space. You can mix and match your cushion covers with our multiple options to create a new look every time. 

              Spruce up your boring old sofa with one of our sofa pillow sets. We have cushion covers of 20 x 20 inches and other sizes to meet your needs. Bigger or smaller, rectangle cushions, or square, our white cushions can help you revamp any area in your living room. Sofas, diwans, or even single seats or ottomans - you can use our small cushions for any place there is seating.

              A bed cushion set to cosy up your bedroom

              Like we said before, there is no such thing as too many pillows in your room. You can add to your bedding with a bed cushion set, or you can choose your pillows based on your needs. You can have an assortment of pillows and cushions of different sizes depending on what you want your bed to look and feel like. Ultimately your cushion pillows are here for your comfort and needs, especially for your bedroom, so they should be customised to your requirements.

              You can also use white cushions to add to the other furniture in your room. Have a place for your guests to sit on that you want to spruce up in your bedroom, like a diwan? You can buy diwan pillows online for it. You can also use white cushions for your chairs and ottomans in your bedroom, or even around your house.

              Are there special cushion pillows for outdoor seating?

              The problem with using small cushions for outdoor seating is that they are susceptible to changes in weather. They are also prone to catching more dirt than they would indoors so they are more likely to get dirty faster. So does that mean that you shouldn’t use any cushion pillows for your seating outside? No, it doesn’t mean that. You can still use cushion pillows for your outdoor seating, but you need to buy appropriate cushion covers for them.

              You can get special outdoor cushion covers (20 x 20 inches or any other size) that can protect your white cushions from getting dirty or stained. They can also be used inside the house, especially if you have children at home, making your household furniture more prone to spillage. These cushion covers are made out of water-resistant cloth which won’t absorb most water once it spills, so it becomes easy to clean up after any spills, or helps repel any water or dirt that they might have to absorb if they’re outdoors. 

              How to take care of your cushion pillows

              The easiest way to keep your cushion pillows clean is to buy your white cushions separately and cushion covers separately. So to keep your cushions clean regularly, all you have to do is change out your covers and wash them once a month, and you can keep your cushions for washing once every few months. This also allows you to keep changing up the look of your seating areas. 

              How to select the right sofa pillow sets for your room

              Here are a few things that you should consider when you’re making your selection while building your sofa pillow set:

              Select the colour palette for your cushion cover set

              When you’re picking cushion covers, even if you’re selecting multiple, you need to have a colour palette that you stick to. It has to match your decor, and even if it’s contrasting, all the cushion covers need to complement each other. Otherwise your aesthetic will get ruined and your room will just look messy and cluttered. So it’s important to maintain a colour palette when selecting your cushion covers.

              Choose an assortment of shapes and sizes of small cushions to mix it up

              It doesn’t have to be just square cushions on your sofa anymore. You can mix and match the shapes and sizes of your cushions, get some small cushions in the mix, rectangle cushions, and even round cushions to make a style statement for your living room. Remember, you always have to make sure that they are all cohesive and complement each other. Otherwise, it will end up looking messy and disorganised. 

              Add an assortment of patterns to make your arrangement more fun

              Just because you have to select a colour palette for your cushion covers, it doesn’t mean that you can’t play around with the patterns you select. Patterns are in style when it comes to interiors, and cushions are the safest place to place them. They can make your sofa and your entire living room more welcoming and homely. It also adds a touch of fun to your space.

              Decide on the number of cushions 

              You don’t want too many cushions on your  sofa because it can get really uncomfortable to sit on. You also don’t want too few cushions on your sofa because it can make it look like you have an incomplete arrangement. So you need to make sure you have the right number of cushions for your sofa pillow set to maintain the balance of your sofa look and arrangement.


              What is the ideal size of cushions and cushion covers for the living room?

              There are two most popular sizes that people use for their sofa pillow sets. They either use 16 by 16 cushions or they get cushions for 20 x 20 inches. But that doesn’t mean that you have to limit yourself to what the standard sizes are. You can explore other shapes and sizes as well to decorate your living room sofa. 

              Can I use rectangle cushions for my living room?

              Yes, there are no rules and regulations based on what cushions you should be using for your living room sofa. You can use rectangle cushions for your living room as well, as long as they suit your room decor. 

              Do the sofa pillows work for my bed as well?

              There is no hard and fast rule that says that you have to use sofa pillows for your sofa only. You can place them anywhere around your house, wherever you feel like they will look good, and that includes your bedroom. You can use small cushions to decorate your bed as well.

              Should I pick round or rectangle cushions for my living room?

              You don’t have to use square cushions for your living room. You can choose other shapes and sizes for your sofa set as well. Some other options are rectangle cushions and round cushions, which are coming into style. Just make sure you are sticking to a theme and aren’t overwhelming your seating space with too many cushions.

              What can I do to keep my cushions clean?

              If you buy cushions and cushion covers separately, it can become easy to clean them. All you have to do is remove the cushion covers at least once a month and put them for a wash. That’s all the cleaning your cushions need. Once every six months or so, you can also put your cushions for a wash, but they don’t need to be cleaned as regularly as cushion covers do.