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Cushions & cushion covers

Comfortable support or colourful accessory - our cushions do it all

A couple of soft, fluffy cushions thrown around your interiors not only keep your place cosy and inviting but the different prints and textures also let you personalise your room decor.

Setting the style with cushion covers

Looking for a quick, easy and very affordable way to create a style? You could mix cushion covers in earth colours to give a soft, traditional look. Or why not use different graphic patterns, together with calm solid colours as a background, to create a modern vibe?

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Cushions in different cushion covers including one in a dark beige DYTÅG cushion cover lie on top of a storage unit.
Cushions in different cushion covers including one in a light blue GURLI cushion cover on top of a FRÖSET easy chair.
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Fresh touches with new cushions and covers

Cushions or cushion covers are a quick, easy way to give things a refresh without breaking your budget. So why not cheer up your old sofa or boost your bedroom today?

A SÖDERHAMN 3-seat section, with a throw and an extra cushion with a DYTÅG cushion cover, stands in a living room.
Four cushions, including one in a grey/white STORTIMJAN cushion cover, are piled on a LINANÄS sofa near a throw.
A bed in a room with a sloping ceiling with JUNIMAGNOLIA white/dark blue bed linen and pink cushions and a throw.
A cushion covered with a green/striped LINGONOXBÄR cushion cover on the seat of a natural-coloured BACKSÄLEN sofa.
A GUNNEMOR throw lies on a cushion with an AINA cushion cover on top of an EVALI throw which is lying on top of a sofa.
Cushions in different cushion covers, including a HILDAMARIA cushion cover, and a dark green INGRUN throw on a NEIDEN bed.
A PLATSA storage bench with a lot of cushions on top, including one in a JÄTTEPOPPEL cushion cover, stands under a window.
A cushion in an off-white/black SPIKKLUBBA cushion cover in front of another cushion in a dark beige DYTÅG cushion cover.

Change it up when a new decor idea strikes you

Pile them on your bed or scatter them tastefully across your divan or sofa, our cushions & cushion covers keep your space cosy and warm while freshening up your room in an instant. There’s the cylindrical MÖJLIGHET cushion that is perfect for the kiddo’s bedroom and yours. Its polyester filling retains shape, while the cushion itself provides support to your head when you lie down and to your lower back when you sit for long hours reading or working. Then there’s the elephant-print KÄPPHÄST cushion with a filling made of recycled PET bottles - good for the environment and your interiors. It’s quite soft to touch too! Want to refurnish your living room without spending a lot? Just get new cushion covers. Our SVARTHÖ 100% cotton cover comes with an elegant jacquard weave and a colourful 60s-inspired print while the denim SISSIL with brass buttons adds character to your home.

The purpose of a cushion

A cushion is a soft decor item that can be used to make seating more comfortable. Cushions are also handy as decor to add more personality and colour to a room. 

Choosing cushion colours

When you decorate a room, pick the base or primary colour for the room and one or two complementary colours. Choose decor items, cushions and artwork to match the complementary colours of the room. The curtains and cushions in the room do not have to match each other. But if they are both directly or indirectly linked through the same colour family or a similar pattern, the room looks more cohesive. 


The number of cushions to use

There is no fixed rule about the number of cushions that you can use in a room. It is a question of personal taste. Generally, for a two-seater sofa, the number of cushions that are required is two to four. 

Matching cushions

Cushions do not have to be exact matches to each other. A collection of cushions looks better if they are not perfect matches and instead complement each other. Having a pattern, theme or colour family that ties them to each other makes the cushion arrangement on the sofa or bed look attractive. You can even pick two sets of cushions from two complementary colour families and arrange them together. 

Arranging cushions on a two or three-seater sofa

Cushions look more attractive when arranged from either end of the sofa or bed. If you are placing cushions on a two-seater or three-seater sofa, start with one cushion on each end. As you add more cushions, they can be added one after the other symmetrically from each end. Taller cushions go to the back, while shorter cushions are in the front. If you have one odd cushion left out, place it at the very centre of the arrangement. 

Decorate large sofas or sectionals with many cushions. Follow the same rules as described above and start from both ends. If you are using a minimal number of cushions, make each end and the corner identical. 

Armchairs look lovely with one cushion or one larger and one smaller cushion. Arrange cushions on beds symmetrically, just as one would a sofa. 

Keeping cushions clean

It is always better to buy inner cushions and cushion covers that are easy to machine wash. Periodical washing keeps the cushions clean and hygienic. Even floor cushions with fixed covers can be hand-washed regularly. 

Outdoor cushions

It is essential that the inner cushion used outdoors be suitable to bear the impact of the elements. Outdoor cushion covers have a lining that is water repellent. A cushion designed for outdoor use should also be fade resistant. Outdoor cushions last longer when cleaned regularly and taken indoors and stored carefully indoors when not in use. Continual exposure to the outdoors will reduce the life of the cushion. When outdoor cushions are exposed to rain, they should be shaken out, aired out and dried well in the sun. 

Get comfy and choose some soft duvets and pillows to go with our cushion & cushion covers.