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Curtains & blinds

Window dressing with the finest!

Wish you could block out the overly bright street lights that penetrate your eyelids and prevent you from falling asleep? Or do you want curtains that can keep out the harsh sun without steeping the room in darkness? Tired of washing curtains? Well, IKEA has the perfect solution for all of these issues - our range of curtains and blinds! From our beautifully patterned FJADERKLINT curtains made of pure linen to insulated HOPPVALS blinds, IKEA’s selection of window dressers is sure to prove more than satisfactory.

The right light for you, all year round

Our room darkening curtains have year-round appeal. When the weather’s hot and the days are long they’ll help keep the light and heat out. After the mercury drops and dark days take hold, they’re on hand to make sure the cosy feel and the heat stay locked indoors. So you stay comfortable, whatever the season.

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An open pair of light grey MAJGULL room darkening curtains behind a white BACKSÄLEN 1.5 seat armchair with a cushion on it.
A window that has an open pair of grey-blue ANNAKAJSA room darkening curtains in front of a TREDANSEN block-out blind on it.
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A classic window treatment

Blinds offer an easy and practical treatment for your windows. If you live close to neighbours, they give great privacy, they’re also space-effective, easy to clean and long lasting. With a minimalist look, where functionality is key, blinds will fit easily into your decor without stealing the show.

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A white TRIPPEVALS blind hangs in a window with light shining through. Hanging plants in white pots are beside the window.
A beige FÖNSTERBLAD block-out roller blind is pulled halfway down in a window. There are some plants below it.
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Privacy with panache.

IKEA’s diverse collection of window upholstery contains something for every kind of household. The vast selections with varied prices ensures that we have something for everyone -  no matter the need or the budget. The FJADERKLINT linen curtains are available in beautiful prints and filter sunlight extremely well, keeping out the over-brightness without darkening the room. If you DO want a room darkening solution, our MARJUN blackout curtains are perfect for the job. If you are a working millennial and think curtains are too much trouble, as they need to be regularly washed, our selection of blinds is the way to go. Our textured HOPPVALS rolling blind’s honeycomb structure traps air and keeps heat inside - providing natural insulation for those cold, chilly days. Our water-repellent shower curtains come in a wide variety of patterns and colours to liven up your bathroom. Hand-picked to suit your preferences, our products aim to delight and deliver.