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Let in the sun or keep out prying eyes with the tug of a curtain

Looking for a way to let in just enough sunlight to give your room that warm glow? Or a way to keep the outside completely out? With our versatile Curtain collection of so many colours and fabrics, you’ll find the perfect one to suit your need and match your decor. Our eco-friendly dark coloured HILLEBORG curtains effectively block out any light that might disturb your sleep and protects you from curious eyes outside. While our AINA linen curtain allows in just the right amount of sunlight to light up your room and still give you your privacy.

Curtains to help you sleep better

Want to sleep undisturbed by the moon, street lights or the sun coming up? Then why not go for block-out curtains? The soft, even fall of their heavy fabric helps you set the style in the room, too.

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A green BLÅHUVA block-out curtain and a light curtain hang in a window outside a kitchen where there is also a plant.
Grey HILLEBORG block-out curtains hang down in a window behind a bed and a NIKKEBY chest of 2 drawers with a lamp on top.
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Curtains at IKEA comes with fun, flair and functionality of fabrics. Maybe you want to block the morning sun for late Sunday sleep-ins. Or maybe you need a simple and stylish way to separate a room. Either way, you’ll discover the drapery to fit your desires with different curtain designs right here.

When you've found the right curtains, make sure to complement them with matching rods and rails.

How to pick the right curtains for every room

Choosing curtains for your bedroom, living room or kitchen can be challenging. To make it easier, your first considerations should be practical. Note which direction the room faces, consider what the room is used for, and plan accordingly. Here are a few tips.

Bedroom curtains

If your bedroom faces west, it'll be exposed to the glorious rays of the morning sun. If it faces east, your bedroom will stay bright until late in the evening. Consider thick, block-out bedroom curtains that will help prevent the light from disturbing your sleep.

A decoration tip is to install roller blinds behind your curtains, in a complementary colour. This adds an extra element of depth to the room.

Living room curtains

If you have an east-facing living room, and your TV faces your windows, the setting sun’s glare could ruin your latest boxset. Darkening curtains will help keep the light out when you want to lose yourself in a new film.

If reflections in the TV is not an issue, you might want to choose some bright sheer curtains that glow radiant in the daylight. Or maybe select a beautiful, patterned curtain that goes well with your living room design.

Kitchen and bathroom curtains

Venetian blinds are a good idea for kitchens. This because they can easily be wiped down if soapy water manages to escape the sink while you’re doing the dishes. Complement the venetian blinds with a cute window valance.

For bathroom curtains, privacy is also a thing to consider. Choose curtains that cover the whole bathroom window, but still lets the daylight through.