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Children's plates & bowls

For Growing Kids With Rising Appetites

Get even the fussiest of eaters to get munching with our children’s plates & bowls. Made of BPA-free, food-grade plastic, the HEROISK and KALAS range of dishes give your kids the motivation to eat on their own while the impact-resistant vessels stay in one piece even if it slips from your toddler’s hands. The colourful SMASKA lunch box, shaped like a cartoon-head, makes sure the sandwiches you packed for school do not come uneaten. And if you’re little ones love to play with their food, our cheery MATVRÅ placemats protect your home from spills and stains.

Fits Right Into Those Little Hands!

Introduce your kids to a new phase of life with our children’s plates & bowls that let your toddlers learn to eat on their own. Our colourful, BPA-free HEROISK bowls and plates are created to be grip-friendly and impact-resistant, so your kids won’t drop or break the dishes in their eagerness. And if you’re worried about school lunches coming back unopened, our SMASKA lunch box, in the shape of a cartoon head, is certain to get their curiosity going. Its easy-to-open lid lets them get to their sandwiches and fruits without putting in a lot of effort. If their birthday party is around the corner, you can check out our microwave-safe KALAS children's plates & bowls as a substitute for disposable containers. Cheerful and durable, they will be a hit at that picnic. As we all know how sloppy children can get, we’ve got the MATVRÅ placemat for you. Its colourful patterns catch your kid’s attention and the mat protects your surfaces from being a mess.

Encourage your little ones to finish their meals with our collection of children’s cutlery.