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Children's cutlery

So That Brocolli Looks A Little Delicious To Your Little One 

We know how difficult it can be to get your little ones to finish their meal. That’s why our range of children’s cutlery is colourful and full of fun so that your kid looks forward to every meal. Check out our FABLER 3-piece cutlery - made of stainless steel this cutlery set has fun designs embedded on the edge of the cutlery. For a little more fun, check out the SMASKA 3-piece cutlery. We designed it with colourful handles so your little one is sure to love it! And if your little one is a little too eager to start eating by themselves, check out the cutlery set from the KALAS series. It’s multicoloured and made of BPA free plastic that is impact and scratch-resistant.

So That Your Kids Look Forward To Dinner-time! 

We know you can get all the help you need to get your kiddos to lick their plate clean. This is why our children’s cutlery is made keeping little hands and strong veggies protest in mind! Check out the FABLER 3-piece set complete with a spoon, fork, and knife. The knife blade has a serrated edge so little hands can easily cut and divide food. And the SMASKA 3-piece cutlery set has coloured handles that are easy to grip. And the knife is shaped so that your child can easily cut through food on a plate with high edges as well. For a more colourful option, check out the 18-piece cutlery set from the KALAS series. It’s perfect for houses that have many kids so that each one can pick their favourite colours from the set! And if your child is still learning how to eat their own food, check out spoons from the KALAS series - designed with vibrant colours to get your little one’s attention, it’s made of BPA-free plastic that’s durable and impact resistant. 

Check out our colourful collection of Children’s plates and bowls to encourage your little one to eat more by themselves!