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Come On In And Pull Up A Chair

Make sure you and your guests are comfortably seated in your home with our wide collection of chairs. From a stylish chaise lounger like the LINDHULT that lets you relax after a long day to the comfortable armchair SAKARIAS that makes long dinners bearable, our chairs come in a variety of sizes and shapes to match the decor of your living spaces. You can also find seating for your office with our ergonomic LÅNGFJÄLL or kid-friendly ones like our BLÅMES high chair for your tiny tots. 

When black is the new black

Now in ever-trendy black, this LIDÅS chair with rounded seat and curved backrest means mealtimes stay comfy. It’s also super easy to wipe down and stackable to save space when needed. For instant dining sophistication, go for a full set in black or mix the chair colours for eclectic appeal.

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In front of a plain wall, a black LIDÅS chair stands alone. To the side, three black LIDÅS chairs are stacked together.
A close-up of a black LIDÅS chair from a side view against a blue background. Light shines over its smooth surface.
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Make work a better place to be

Make work a pleasure with a comforting classic that looks great in your home office. These swivel chairs are upholstered in an array of durable leathers and fabrics. With soft shapes that support your body, padded seating for supreme comfort and castors to allow easy movement.

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One TOTOSSBERG swivel chair in white and another TOSSBERG swivel chair in dark grey sit staggered against a dark blue background.
A close-up of a dark grey and a white TOSSBERG swivel chair show their soft seating. A dark blue wall is behind.
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Intimate dinners for extra guests

Host big or small dinners with a compact table that extends to welcome extra guests. Enjoy evenings entertaining, indulging in intimate conversations, or playing board games with the family. A smart and timeless design that’s easy to match with your other decor.

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An EKEDALEN dining table and matching chairs sit in front of a gallery wall. Glass lamps hang overhead.
A close up of the fabric on an EKEDALEN chair in dark wood with padded seating. Underneath is a jute rug.
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Buy chairs at the most reasonable prices

Everyone wants to feel comfortable, right? Well, trying to find comfort in a table chair is a difficult task! We make it simple for you at IKEA. You want to buy the best chair online to help unwind after a long day at work. Or you need that chair that will complete your home office and let you work long hours undisturbed. You can find the perfect chair at IKEA. 

It makes a difference to have a good chair! We believe that chairs can make or break a room, and IKEA has the best chair for you. We provide options that are affordable, long-lasting, and fashionable. Our extensive collection of designs has a specially designed chair for every back in the home! Our clever chair designs will gel with your minimal, modern, contemporary, or extravagant aesthetics. Our chair collection features stylish chairs for the living room to an office chair. Buy chairs that are comfortable, attractive, and reasonably priced!

What should I consider before purchasing a chair?

Buying a chair can be easy when you know what you want to do with the chair, who is likely to use it, what is being done while the user is sitting on the chair and where the chair is likely to be placed. However, sometimes it can get a little confusing when you see all the different options and designs of chair styles in our catalogue. Are you confused about buying a chair? There are multiple chair designs, set for different purposes.

Here’s what you need to consider while buying a chair:

Family size

Consider the number of people in your home before making a purchase. Whether you have a small family, a joint with a lot of relatives, or you’re a bachelor, taking into account the number of people living in a house will help you evaluate the number of chairs to buy and choose the right style for each.

If you live with your family, you would need to look for single chairs for personal use and perhaps a dining set. The best option is to discuss it with your family and then choose a dining table set. It’s where board game nights are held every week after all! In these cases, you can always buy extra foldable chairs in case friends also come over for a game of poker. With IKEA dining chairs you can play a few games of poker comfortably at the dining table or complete a nice, three course meal!

Room size

Understanding the size of your room is the most important thing you need to look at. Determine which part of your home or office you are selecting a chair for and consider the measurements accordingly. How much space do you have for the chair? What kind of height do you want your chair to be?


Ask yourself why you need a chair? What is the purpose it is fulfilling? Do you want a fancy gaming chair for your desk? Or a stylish lounge chair for the living room? Or perhaps patio chairs? So always ask yourself, what purpose is your chair going to fulfil? Your options, designs and materials will change based on the usage, and you can choose from a variety of styles for each room right here on IKEA. 


There’s no denying that material should be of good quality. But the quality of the material of the chair should align with the need, length of usage, and purpose. The materials used in chairs vary depending on the usage - outdoor chairs, dining chairs, foldable chairs, desk chairs, gaming chairs all come in a variety of different materials such as plastic, wood, leather and metal.  


You want to surround yourself with an aesthetic that reflects your persona. When you are adding a chair to a room with a certain aesthetic, the chair should match the style of your room and complement it. There is a range of design styles available for purchase on IKEA, right from minimalist and contemporary to vintage and Indian bohemian. Identify your aesthetic and pick the best fit!

Types of chairs

To find a quality chair that meets your style, go through our collection of chairs. We believe we have just what you are looking for!

Desk chair :  We know there are days when you just can’t get started with work. Purchase our desk chair to get your work going. Our modern work chairs are highly comfortable and long-lasting. Now you can study or work for long hours without feeling tired or uncomfortable.

Dinning :The dinner table is a place of memories - whether you’re having a king-size meal with the family or doing math homework together with the kids. And some well-fitting, comfortable chairs will make the dining table a great place for the family to catch up. Our modern chairs are sturdy, with soft cushions and a variety of styles that compliment your table.

Children's chair: Do your little ones find trouble hopping on to adult chairs? Adult chairs not only make it difficult to get on for kids, but also don’t provide proper support for a child’s back. We offer a wide range of children's chairs and chairs for kids - now select one on IKEA online or have your child try different chairs at an IKEA store near you. 

Kids love imitating adults - and giving them a chair they can sit on comfortably and learn how to use, gives them the feeling that they are growing up! 

Gaming Chair : Do you game often? Perhaps for a few hours with each session? That’s bound to have an effect on your body sooner than later, so it’s always good to choose a good gaming chair that offers lumbar support before you dive into your gameplay for the day. Our gaming chairs also have mesh nets at the back so your back doesn’t heat up after long hours on the gaming seat. 



How do I buy chairs online?

When buying online, make sure you are clear about its purpose, functionalities, utilities and the space it’s going to occupy. Measure the area where you want to keep the chair and look into the chair's measurement online. 

How do I buy chairs for my home?

First, find out which room the chair is likely to be placed in. Are guests likely to use the chair? Is the chair for utility purposes or long term seating and relaxation? What are people likely to be doing while on the chair? What chair materials do you prefer for your room? Answer these questions and find the chair of your choice at IKEA.

How many types of accent chairs are there in India?

Accent chairs come in various types. These sitting chairs come in varied options, like armchairs, wing chairs, club chairs, and chaise lounges. 

How do I know about the quality if I buy plastic chairs online?

To buy plastic chairs online that are of a good quality can be difficult. There are different types of plastic, all with different properties, strength and durability. This is why some plastics last long and are sturdy, while others don’t. For example, polypropylene plastic (PP) is a highly durable plastic, which we use in many of our plastic chairs at IKEA.