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Candle holders & candles

Dim Lights And Sweet Fragrances For A Cozy Evening

Nothing sets the mood for a romantic dinner date indoors like scented candles and decorative lanterns. Instantly create a cosy atmosphere around your home with our ÄDELHET lantern; its glass base spreads a dim glow that’s easy on the eyes and calming to the mind. Want a candle that never blows out? Then our GODAFTON LED candles is the one for you. We gave its flame a flickering effect so it feels like a real candle. Soothe your senses with our collection of FRISKHET scented candles - put your feet up and simply enjoy the sweet fragrances.

Different ways to display block candles

You know what’s great about block candles? Aside from their warm glow and cosy ambiance, they’re super easy to style. You can put together several for an impactful display, or place a single one in a lantern for a subtle glow.

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A set of five lit FENOMEN unscented block candles, each on a clear glass GLASIG candle dish on a dining table.
A black URSKILJA lantern for 1 block candle with a FENOMEN block candle lit inside, beside decorative items on a sideboard.
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Use candles safely

Never leave a burning candle unattended. Always use a candle holder, and make sure candles stand in an upright position. Always use a candle snuffer to safely extinguish the flame. Do not burn candles on or near anything that can catch fire. Read the safety symbols on your candle’s packaging before using it.

Special candles make even the normal days special

Candles always have a calming effect in any room. Beautiful candle holders to decorate your table or scented candles to set the right mood - you’ll find it right here! Pick your favourite scented candles from our FRISKHET collection to instantly brighten your mood. The FRISKHET scented candles’ glass cup can double up as a tea light candle holder when it burns itself out. Watch the candle flames dance in fun patterns with our collection of candle stands and holders. Our STABBIG glass candle holder comes with lace patterns that let the flames create beautiful shadows on your walls. The GLITTRIG candlesticks are perfect to alleviate the style quotient of your home while creating a snug feel around the room. Let the candle burn for hours with our LED candles - what’s more, you can even set the timer to automatically turn it on and off! Fill your home with warmth and soft light with our collection of tea lights and block candles.

Date night or self care day, we have something for every occasion 

Date nights just got a whole lot more romantic with candles from IKEA. There is something special about sharing a meal with a loved one amidst the soft glow of candles, making the entire experience heartwarming. There is a whole lot of variety when it comes to candles to choose from at IKEA. Whether you like simple yet elegant, unscented white candles like FENOMEN, or coloured and scented candles like SINNLIG, we have something to suit every mood and preference. We also have a range of tea light candles that are the perfect addition to festivals and parties. Pair these dainty little pieces with tea light holders or lanterns from our collection and kick the decor (and ambience) in your room up a few notches.  

Aromatherapy is a well known form of therapy that is meant to relax you by stimulating your olfactory senses. These candles aren’t just aesthetically pleasing but their lovely floral scents are a great way to relax after a long day at the office. 

Some of the candles from IKEA come in pretty little glass containers, many of which are tinted with subtle colours. Once the candle burns out, you can clean out the residual wax and use the containers as tiny planters and pieces of decor around the home! 

Are candles a safe choice?

One of the most common questions about candles is how long can a candle be safely lit for? In general, a candle should not be left lit for more than four hours. But this depends on the size and shape of the candle. It is also recommended that you allow the candle to cool for two hours before lighting it again. Again, always watch out about where you are placing a lit candle in your home. Are there any flammable materials near the candle (even above it) like curtains, or paper? Synthetic materials on curtains are highly flammable and you should never place a burning candle near such fabric.

 Another thing to remember is to store your candles the right way. A lot of times we leave candles out and forget about them, which could cause them to bend and break. Dust and debris can get collected on the wax surface and this could cause the flame to flare up. This could be a safety concern. It is also advisable to store candles in cool, dark and dry places and away from dust. In the case of scented candles, make sure that they are covered when storing them. This will help preserve their scent and prevent dust from collecting on the surface. If the candle comes in a glass container, keep the candle away from moving air. This could disrupt the flame and leave black soot marks on the glass. 

 Another good practice to follow to ensure that your candle lasts longer and to avoid those pesky black marks is to trim the wick on a regular basis. This will prevent uneven burning, dripping and make your candle last almost 25% longer. Tunneling is a common concern while using jar candles and large block candles. This happens because the candle is burning only from the centre. To avoid this, let the candles burn for around one hour per inch of the diameter. Then allow the melted wax to reach across the edges. 

Check out our collection of DOFTA potpourri from the home fragrances range to spread sweet fragrances in your homes.