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Soupy Instant Noodles Or Caesar Salad - We’ve Got Your Bowled!

Serving bowls for soup or some others that can double as a plate - our collection of bowls will serve you just right! Check out the beautiful HANTVERK handmade serving bowl that is a piece of art just by itself. We have this rustic ceramic bowl with a typical Scandinavian look - graphic, simple, and bright! And living the double life is the ENTYDIG bowl that can be used as a plate as well. And for something more simple yet elegant we have the VARDAGEN bowl that comes with a spout - use it in the kitchen as a mixing bowl or on the dinner table as a serving bowl!

Popcorn For Movie Night Or 3 Big Scoops Of Ice Cream - Our Serving Bowls Are Just Right For The Mood

A big bowl to serve dal for lunch or a small one for some dessert - find the perfect size for serving your guests or just yourself. Popcorn time or to fit that extra scoop of ice cream - our BLANDA MATT serving bowl will not judge you! This one’s made of bamboo so it’ll last you a long time. We use our VÄRMER bowl to serve some dry fruits when guests come or as a decorative piece to hold your keys and other knick-knacks you’d want close at hand. It comes in pretty patterns so it’ll look good anywhere you place it! To bring a little tradition we have the UPPLAGA bowls - we gave this porcelain bowl soft, ruffled edges that makes it stand out. And then there’s the BLANDA BLANK bowl if you’re looking for something in stainless steel.