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BESTÅ combinations

Neat And Harmonious Storage For Your TVs, Gadgets And More

Set your living room up for movie nights with our BESTÅ combinations that let you keep your TV, speakers, remotes, and more. Pick a design to match your decor or storage requirements. Get a stylish TV unit with drawers, shelves and glass doors or go for a simple TV bench - we’ve got different styles to match your tastes! We have designed our TV units to keep the cables out of your way. You can even add our BESTÅ cabinets along the wall if you need more room. We’ve also got storage combinations like the BESTÅ tall cabinet to keep your books and collectibles.

Need TV And Media Storage? We’ve Got The BESTÅ In The Business!

Keep your living rooms neat and free of clutter with our stylish and adaptable BESTÅ combinations. Turn one of the walls into the centre of attention of your room with our BESTÅ TV storage combo with Hanviken glass doors. We have given it open shelves to display your kid's trophies, wall units to stash away your video games or DVDs and soft-closing drawers to keep your remotes. The cable outlets make sure your walls and floors aren’t littered with wires. Or pick a simpler BESTÅ TV bench. You can add our BESTÅ wall cabinets to it later if you require more room. We have also got BESTÅ combinations for your bedrooms or study. There's our black-brown high cabinet with clear glass doors. Its impact-resistant tempered glass is perfect for displaying your fancy china to guests while keeping them protected. And the BESTÅ cabinet unit with open storage gives a home to everything, from your favourite novels to the pretty decor piece.

Take a look at our cable management system to further organise all the cords and outlets from your TV.