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Beds & mattresses

Good sleep is essential to your health and happiness

Choose the right bed mattress to ensure that you get the most restful sleep. Each person’s bed support and firmness needs are unique. Spoil yourself with a combination of bed frames, bed slats and a mattress that gives you personalised support that is just right for you.

Cosy double beds for you, you and you

A restful night sets you up for a good day. Make your dreams of better sleep come true with a comfortable double bed that suits your budget as well as your body.

See all double beds
See all double beds

Bedroom series

You can choose bed from one of these bedroom series.

Bedroom storage

Storage solutions for everything in your bedroom - from your socks to your kid’s toys.


Unroll an easy update for your bed

Coming in a compact roll, here’s a mattress you can easily transport from the store to home, where it will transform your bed with supportive comfort. It’s all down to its thick foam layer which is designed to give you a head start for a great night’s sleep.

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A woman standing on tip toes leaning against a rolled-up VESTERÖY mattress beside a white bedframe, in front of a curtain.
A white bedframe with a VESTERÖY mattress on it that has a pillow at the bed head. A KYRRE birch stool is beside it.
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An upholstered bed that has light green and pink bed linen on top of an an ÅSVANG foam mattress in a light green bedroom.

Love it or exchange it – you have 90 days to decide

It takes time for you and a new mattress to get used to each other. So you have 90 days (and nights) to make sure you’re happy with your choice. If you’re not, you can exchange it for another mattress.

See more about the 90 day policy

Sweet dreams in comfort

A heavenly combination of individually-wrapped pocket springs that follow your movements and magical memory foam that moulds to your body for enhanced support and comfort.

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The corner of a white ÅBYGDA foam mattress with a handle on the cover, on top of the corner of a light grey upholstered bed.
A person pulling a fitted sheet over the top of an ÅBYGDA foam mattress that’s on top of an upholstered bed.
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Complete bedroom solutions starting at Rs.19,470

We offer timeless, rustic, elegant, modern, and contemporary furniture at affordable prices with nothing but creativity at your disposal.


Make your bed your favourite place at home

Good sleep is essential to keeping in good health. A truly comfortable bed supports you in all the right places so that you can relax and drift off to a restful sleep. When you sleep on the right bed, you also relieve back pain and prevent back problems. 

Bed styles

Your bed will be one of the most significant pieces of furniture in your room. The style of bed that you choose sets the tone for the rest of the room. Wooden beds bring traditional charm into the bedroom. Choose from a range of wood finishes and frame styles to find the bed frame that you like best. A white bed is a classic that will suit traditional and contemporary style bedrooms. We also offer metal beds to suit a simple bedroom. A bed with another bed tucked under it would be ideal if you need to sleep two people in a small room. It also makes a useful extra bed in the case of an overnight guest. Loft beds and bunk beds are space savers in smaller homes. 

Storage beds

Make optimal use of the entire floor space under your bed using under bed storage boxes. These large boxes are ideal for bulky comforters, blankets, pillows, and other bedding. You can also choose one of our Ottoman beds that lets you lift the entire bed base to access the space underneath. This space can house a host of large items that you need to tuck out of sight. 

Upholstered beds

If you like the feeling of sinking into the upholstery of your favourite recliner, an upholstered bed may be just right for you. Its soft upholstered frame also adds classic elegance to the bedroom. You can add upholstered storage boxes to the bed for a cohesive look. 

Slatted bed base

A slatted bed base gives the mattress a flexible surface to rest on. It adds to the support and flexibility provided by the bed. Our slatted bed bases are designed in different configurations of slats that create comfort zones to support the sleeper ideally. Choose the bed base that best suits your sleeping needs. 


The mattress that you choose is the most critical component of the bed. The mattress is in direct contact with the sleeper and determines the level of firmness of the bed. Choose from our collection of different mattress types and pick the one that is just right for you. A mattress topper brings added softness to the top layer of the mattress. 


 A perfectly soft pillow and a warm duvet invite you to snuggle into your bed and drift away to sleep. The bed linen and bedding that you choose should also be decorative. Style your bed with cushions and throws to add colour and interest to the room. 

Bedside tables

Bedside tables are an essential landing space for all your bedtime essentials. They keep your books, electronics and alarm clock within easy reach of the bed. 

The mattress you need

While looking for a mattress we usually look for a soft, comfy and fluffy bed that would keep us warm and cosy. But in reality, that may not be the best criteria for a long time investment. Here are a few simple tips that could help you find a good mattress.

  • Make sure that your body lays straight on the mattress starting from your head, shoulder, and hips to your feet. There should not be any space between your back and the bed.
  • Ensure that you don’t feel any pressure on your shoulders or hips while lying on the bed. Look for beds with proper pressure relief for your body.
  • Mattresses must be stiff and should not bounce or move when you move around. Make sure your mattress does not tilt or lift when you sleep on one end.
  • Test the mattress to check if it's fluffy, supportive, and comfortable. You could lie on it for a few minutes, (you can do it at the nearest store) to get a better experience. Knowing how it feels can help make good decisions.