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Bed’s For More Than Just A Good Night’s Sleep

A single bed for the stag or a double bed for the couple - you’ll find the one you need right here. Our king-size beds are perfect for snuggling or when you both need more room to stretch. Many of our beds also have smart storage options so you can tuck away bed linen, extra pillows and quilts. Our cots and children’s beds will keep your little one safe and comfortable through the night. And with our collection of sofa-beds, guests are always welcome to stay overnight. 

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A scene set for sleep comfort

A double bed with a headboard creates an inviting centrepiece at the heart of your room. Try a textile headboard for all-round warmth, or solid wood for timeless style. Pick and mix your favourite bed linen to create your dream space for sleeping, lounging and long-lie-ins.

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A dark grey upholstered IDANÄS bed frame in a light room covered with white ÄNGSLILJA bed linen and a dark yellow cushion.
A solid birch BJÖRKSNÄS double bed covered in KLYNNETÅG bed linen with a dotted pattern. Two VEJSTRUP rugs are on the floor.
A white MALM bed covered in KLYNNETÅG bed linen in front of a bright window with a plant trailing across it, onto the wall.
A white SONGESAND double bed with headboard in a light room with two under bed storage boxes, one of which is slightly open.
The top of a white/Vissle beige KLEPPSTAD bed with an upholstered headboard, with two under-bed storage boxes holding books.
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A day bed that’s right for you

Looking for a relaxing spot to lounge on that easily turns into a comfy single or double bed? With lots of styles and types to choose from, including day beds with built-in drawers that can hold extra bedding, you’re sure to find the best one for you.

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See all guest beds & day beds

Complete bedroom solutions starting at Rs.19,470

We offer timeless, rustic, elegant, modern, and contemporary furniture at affordable prices with nothing but creativity at your disposal.


Under bed storage for all situations

Under bed storage is a saviour when you need to maximise your bedroom space – the large drawers are perfect for clothes and bedding. If you don’t have room for a bedside table, try our under bed storage with shelf. It keeps bedtime essentials on hand at sleep-time, and out of the way during the day.

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Two FREDVANG under bed storage boxes with bedside table holding various objects pulled out from underneath a light grey bed.
The top end of a white MALM bed covered with white bed linen, with one drawer open showing folded clothes inside.
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A bed with storage can use your floor space to the full

To make better use of a small room, you can combine sleep and storage in one with this PLATSA system bed frame. The shelving also acts as a divider and you can run curtains around the bed for some true, room-within-a-room cosiness.

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White, PLATSA bed frame with four drawers, white bedding on the bed, clothes hanging on the frame, objects on the shelves.
A PLATSA bed with 4 drawers and BERGPALM bed linen stands behind two partly open beige ANNAKAJSA curtains.
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White Bed Frames

Beds that also help you with storage

Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom. It covers an entire bed-sized space that can be used as concealed storage. A storage bed makes the most of this space to store bulky items such as unused bedding, linens and seasonal clothes. It also makes one less piece of furniture under which you have to vacuum. Most storage beds such as the SONGESAND have storage box pullouts. The MALM Ottoman bed has an open and close mechanism that lets you lift up the entire bed base. This huge space can be organised with boxes and dividers or you can place an entire ironing board and accessories in it. 

Multifunctional beds make the most of your space

A smaller home needs to make the most of every piece of furniture. A multifunctional designer bed can serve as a sofa by day and convert into a bed at night. A design like the HEMNES day bed even has storage for pillows and bedding under the bed pullout. A chair bed is ideal for small apartments where it takes up very little space and pulls out to make a single bed. 

A safe and comfy bed encourages little ones to sleep all night

Babies are precious little bundles of joy and need cots that are well made and cosy. Cots should also meet the highest safety standards of design and materials to ensure your peace of mind. Children grow so quickly, and a designer bed such as SUNDVIK cot easily transitions from a baby cot to a toddler’s bed. 

Furniture that grows with your child

Children are naturally curious and playful. Furniture design for children involves being one step ahead and smoothing out all sharp edges and potential hazards to little ones. Furniture that grows with your child will get many years of use. The BUSUNGE bed is extendable so that it grows with your child from a short children’s cot to a full-length bed.  

When space is a constraint, go up

A loft bed merges all the furniture requirements of a child into one space-saving unit. Desk, storage and a bed combined leave more floor space free for play. Bunk beds can accommodate two children easily without taking up double space in the room. A reversible bed is a low bed for a young child. It can be reversed as the child grows older to create a bunk bed with a play area or reading nook underneath. 

A happy marriage of your favourite sofa and your bed

If you like to spend time reading in bed, you will enjoy the luxurious comfort of an upholstered designer bed. The upholstery adds a distinctive soft elegance to the bed design. It is also comfortable to lean on. In a tiny apartment, a sofa bed is essential to save space and comfortably accommodate overnight guests. 

There are many designs and preferences when it comes to beds – all comfortable – but for different needs, different people, different living spaces and different stages in life. We have a wide selection of all sorts of beds – from bunk beds for the kids’ bedroom to luxurious Super King size beds with headboards for the master bedroom. And that’s far from all, we offer everything from cabin beds to sofa-beds, from daybeds and divan beds to cots for the youngest children. Many of our beds come with different mattresses with various choices of firmness, so you have full control of the kind of comfort you prefer when laying down for a nights rest.

Bed frames 

Most of our beds are sold with separate bed frames and separate mattresses. This means you can combine the style and look of your bed with the mattress of your choice. Our wide assortment of bed frames makes it easy for you to find a size and style you like. With the right bed frame, you can also chose the height of your bed, which can make it easier getting out of bed – at least physically – you still have to fight the lust of staying in a warm cozy bed. 

Some of our bed frames also have practical storage built in, such as drawers or other clever solutions. For instance, a cabin bed can have shelves or cupboards underneath. Great if you have limited space or want to maximize the space your bed takes up. 


Bed sizes

Beds come in all different shapes and sizes. Even though they might look different, and different bed frames can have different dimensions, the standards for bed sizes for adults are the same. The mattress will normally be 200 cm long, but the width will vary. Beds for children, like cots and so on, will have other sizes, both length and width. For adults the width will determine the bed size. Below you can see our standard bed sizes for adults from narrowest to widest:

·       Single bed: 90 x 200 cm

·       Double bed: 140 x 200 cm

·       Queen size bed: 160 x 200 cm

·       King size bed: 180 x 200 cm