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Our bedroom furniture includes single bed, double bed or king-size beds perfect for everyone. Many of our beds come with storage options. Also, our cots and children’s beds are perfect for kids. And our sofa-beds, guests are a solution to a tight space.

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Double bed comfort, as you like it

Whatever its style, a double bed with headboard always creates an inviting centrepiece. Whether you’re after a sleek, timeless finish, the warmth of cosy upholstery, or prefer elegantly curved metal, explore our range to find one for your dream bedroom, and your budget.

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A white MALM bed with 4 storage boxes in a beige bedroom with a chest with 2 drawers by it and a floor lamp on either side.
A grey HAUGA upholstered bed with two pillows at the top and a duvet folded over at the bottom, covered in white bed linen.
The side of a grey GLADSTAD bed showing the open under bed storage boxes filled with coloured and white textiles.
A black/Luröy SAGSTUA bed in a light room, covered in a mix of bed textiles and cushions in white, grey, black and beige.
A light grey SLATTUM upholstered bed covered with a mix of white bed linen, and with a NYMÅNE double wall lamp on the wall.
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More optionsNODELAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes 160x200 cm (63x78 3/4 ")

NODELAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, medium brown/Leirsund, 180x200 cmNODELAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, black-brown/Leirsund, 180x200 cmNODELAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, black-brown/Luröy, 160x200 cmNODELAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, medium brown/Leirsund, 160x200 cmNODELAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, medium brown/Lönset, 180x200 cmNODELAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, black-brown/Leirsund, 180x200 cm

More optionsGRIMSBU Bed frame 140x200 cm (55 1/8x78 3/4 ")

GRIMSBU Bed frame, grey, 140x200 cm

More optionsSONGESAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes 160x200 cm (63x78 3/4 ")

SONGESAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, brown/Luröy, 140x200 cmSONGESAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, brown, 160x200 cmSONGESAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, brown/Lönset, 160x200 cmSONGESAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, white/Lönset, 180x200 cmSONGESAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, white/Luröy, 160x200 cmSONGESAND Bed frame with 2 storage boxes, white, 180x200 cm

More optionsGRIMSBU Bed frame 90x200 cm (35 3/8x78 3/4 ")

GRIMSBU Bed frame, white, 90x200 cm

More optionsIDANÄS Upholstered ottoman bed 180x200 cm (70 7/8x78 3/4 ")

IDANÄS Upholstered ottoman bed, Gunnared pale pink, 180x200 cm
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Guests Beds & Day Beds for your guest

Family or friends staying over can mean a lot of fun and a lot of things going on. A good day bed is more than just a sofa. It also gives guests the comfort they need to sleep well so you can all make the most of your time together.

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A white BRIMNES bed in a living room with grey walls, covered with a mix of cushions and a throw, in front of a window.
A throw and a number of cushions and pillows are on top of an UTÅKER stackable bed configured as a corner sofa.
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Handy storage that fits under your bed

Need to put away seasonal clothes or store extra bedding for guests? You can find lots of storage cases and under bed boxes in the IKEA range, including an option that doubles as a space-saving bedside table.

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A person sitting on a bed beside a half-open PÄRKLA storage case that is filled with folded knitwear in earthy colours.
Two FREDVANG under bed storage boxes with bedside table holding various objects pulled out from underneath a light grey bed.
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A bed with storage for added space – and calm

When you need extra room to keep things neatly tidied away, bring on a bed with storage. Our range gives you lots of options to suit different needs – and budgets, so it’s easy for you to make an affordable choice that helps everyone relax.

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A grey HAUGA upholstered bed with 2 storage boxes, one of which is open, with a white bedside table holding a lamp beside it.
A young person lies on a SLÄKT bed with storage by a window, reading a device. Shelves made from skateboards are on the wall.
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Buy Beds Online at IKEA

A good night's sleep is a cornerstone of a healthy and productive life, and at the heart of a restful slumber lies the bed. Few pieces of furniture are as vital to our well-being as the place where we lay our heads each night. The significance of a comfortable and supportive bed cannot be overstated; it directly influences our physical and mental health, daily performance, and overall quality of life.

At IKEA, we understand the paramount importance of a quality bed, and we are dedicated to providing a diverse selection of beds online within our furniture category that cater to various preferences and needs. From classic to contemporary designs, we offer an array of beds designs to help you find the perfect bed that will transform your nights and, by extension, your days.

Types of Beds Available at IKEA

At IKEA we have an extensive selection of beds to meet a wide range of needs. We understand that everyone has unique requirements when it comes to their sleeping arrangements, and our goal is to provide the perfect bed for each and every one of you. Whether you're looking for a cozy haven, excellent back support, or a stylish addition to your bedroom, our diverse range of beds has something for everyone. 

  • Double Beds: Double beds, also known as full-size beds, provide ample sleeping space for couples or spacious sleeping comfort for individuals. Their versatility makes them a popular choice in bedrooms of various sizes.
  • Sofa Cum Beds: Sofa-beds offer a practical solution for homes with limited space. By day, they function as comfortable seating and can be easily converted into a bed when needed, making them ideal for guest rooms or small apartments.
  • Beds with Storage: Beds with built-in storage options provide efficient space utilization by offering drawers, shelves, or under-bed storage solutions. They help declutter bedrooms and maximize organization.
  • Divan Beds: Divan beds are known for their simplicity and comfort. Comprising a mattress and base, they provide solid support and often feature storage options. Their minimalist design complements various decor styles.
  • Single Beds: Single beds are designed for individual sleepers, making them ideal for children's bedrooms, guest rooms, or small living spaces. They come in various styles to suit different preferences.
  • Guest Beds & Day Beds: Guest beds and day beds serve dual purposes in guest rooms or home offices. By day, they function as seating and can be extended into a bed for guests, making them versatile additions to your home.
  • Upholstered Beds: Upholstered beds offer a touch of luxury and comfort. Their soft, padded headboards and frames provide a cosy and stylish focal point in the bedroom, often with various fabric and colour choices.
  • Children's Beds: Children's beds are designed with safety and fun in mind. They come in various shapes and themes, often with built-in safety features to create a secure and appealing sleeping environment for kids.
  • Loft Beds & Bunk Beds: Loft beds and bunk beds maximize vertical space in bedrooms, making them great choices for children's rooms or shared spaces. They provide extra room for play or study areas.
  • Baby Cots: Baby cots are designed to provide a safe and comfortable sleeping space for infants. They come with adjustable mattress heights and often convert into toddler beds as the child grows.
  • Headboards: Headboards come in various styles and materials, serving as decorative and functional elements for beds. They provide back support while reading or sitting up in bed and contribute to the bedroom's aesthetics.

Things to consider before you buy bed

Choosing the right bed is crucial for ensuring a good night's sleep and overall comfort. Here are some steps to help you select the perfect bed:

  • Consider Your Needs: Think about your specific needs and preferences. Are you looking for a bed for a single person or a couple? Do you need extra storage space beneath the bed? Are you interested in a specific style or design?
  • Determine Your Budget: Set a budget for your bed purchase. Beds come in a wide range of prices, so having a budget in mind will help you narrow down your options.
  • Measure Your Space: Measure the space where the bed will go, including the room's dimensions and any potential constraints like doorways or windows. Ensure that the bed will fit comfortably within the room.
  • Choose the Right Size: Select the appropriate bed size based on your needs. Common bed sizes include twin, full (double), queen, and king. Consider your sleeping space requirements and room size when making this decision.
  • Think About Mattress Type: The mattress is an essential component of the bed. Consider whether you prefer an innerspring mattress, memory foam, latex, or another type. Test different mattress types to find the one that offers the right level of support and comfort for you.
  • Check Bed Frame and Style: Consider the style and design of the bed frame. Different styles can drastically change the look and feel of your bedroom. Choose a frame that complements your decor and personal style.
  • Evaluate Support and Comfort: Ensure that the bed offers the right level of support and comfort. Lie down on the mattress, preferably in the sleeping position you use most often, to see how it feels.
  • Consider Storage Options: If storage is a concern, look for wooden bed designs with built-in storage drawers or under-bed storage options. This can be especially helpful in smaller spaces.
  • Test the Bed: Whenever possible, visit a store and test the bed in person. Lay down on the mattress and assess how it feels. Spend some time on it to ensure it remains comfortable.

Choosing the right bed is a personal decision, and it's important to prioritize your comfort and sleep quality. By considering these factors and taking the time to test and research your options, you can find the bed that best suits your needs and helps you get the restful sleep you deserve.

Bedroom Styling Tips: Choosing the Perfect Bed for Your Room

1. Choosing the Perfect IKEA Bed for Your Room

Matching your bed to your existing bedroom decor is a fundamental step in creating a cohesive and visually pleasing space. 

  • Begin by considering the current colour palette in your room and select a bed that either complements, contrasts or incorporates these hues.
  • Align the chosen bed with the overall style of your bedroom, whether it's traditional, modern, rustic, or eclectic. The bed should seamlessly blend in.
  • If you have other furniture pieces in the room, like nightstands and dressers, ensure your bed complements their style and finishes.
  • Personalize the bed's appearance with accessories, such as decorative pillows, blankets and throws, to tie it into the existing decor.

2. Creating a Focal Point

Creating a focal point with your bed is an excellent way to enhance the room's aesthetics. 

  • Whether it's an elegant upholstered headboard or a dramatic canopy bed, make sure it stands out to enhance the room's atmosphere.
  • Opt for versatile or neutral bed choices if your decor tastes tend to change frequently, as these can adapt to various colour schemes and styles.
  • Ensure that lighting fixtures and wall art in the vicinity of the bed complement the chosen bed design to create a cohesive and balanced visual effect.

3. Visualizing the Bed in Your Room

Before making a final decision, visualise how the bed will fit into your bedroom by using room design tools or creating a mood board to see how everything comes together. In doing so, you can create a bedroom that's not only comfortable but also aesthetically pleasing, where the bed seamlessly integrates into the existing decor.

Bed Care and Maintenance Tips 

Maintaining and caring for your bed is essential to ensure its longevity, cleanliness, and overall comfort. Here are some key tips to keep your bed in excellent condition:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Keep your beds clean by regularly dusting and vacuuming the area around the bed, including under the bed and the mattress. Dust and debris can accumulate over time, which may affect air quality and hygiene.
  2. Wash Bedding: Wash your bed linens, including sheets, pillowcases, and duvet covers, on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Follow the care instructions on the labels and consider using mattress and pillow protectors to prevent stains and allergens.
  3. Rotate the Mattress: To ensure even wear and tear on the mattress, rotate it every few months. If you have a two-sided mattress, flip it over as well. This helps to maintain mattress integrity and comfort.
  4. Use a Mattress Topper: A mattress topper can help protect your mattress from spills and stains, as well as provide an extra layer of comfort. Ensure that the topper is regularly cleaned or replaced as needed.
  5. Air Out the Mattress: Every few months, strip the bed and let the mattress air out for a few hours. This helps prevent moisture buildup and odours.
  6. Rotate and Wash Pillows: Pillows can accumulate dust mites and allergens. Rotate and fluff them regularly, and follow care instructions to wash or replace them as needed.
  7. Address Stains and Spills: If spills or stains occur on the mattress or bedding, address them promptly. Blot liquids with a clean, dry cloth, and use a mild detergent for cleaning, following care instructions.
  8. Professional Cleaning: Consider having your mattress professionally cleaned and sanitized every few years, especially if allergies are a concern.

By following these maintenance and care tips, you can prolong the life of your bed, ensure a clean and comfortable sleeping environment, and enjoy a good night's sleep for years to come.


1. How do I choose the right bed for my room?

To choose the right bed for your room, consider your room's size, style, and personal comfort preferences, then match them with the bed's size, style, and features.

2. Can I purchase a bed frame separately, or are they sold as part of a set?

Bed frames are available both as part of bedroom sets and separately, allowing you to mix and match to suit your needs and existing decor.

3. Do you offer mattresses with the beds, or do I need to purchase them separately?

IKEA offers mattresses with beds as part of a bundle and sells them separately, giving you the flexibility to choose what suits you the best.

4. What materials are used in bed frames?

Bed frames are typically constructed from materials like wooden beds, metal, upholstered fabric, or a combination of these. The choice depends on your style, durability, and budget preferences.

5. What is the recommended care and maintenance for beds?

Recommended care and maintenance for bed furniture includes regular cleaning, rotating the mattress, using mattress protectors, and addressing stains promptly. Check the manufacturer's guidelines for specific care instructions.