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Bathroom mirrors

Keep Your Bathrooms Bright And Your Style On Point!

Whether it is checking your lipstick or applying shaving cream, our bathroom mirrors help you look your best. They reflect right and make your bathrooms seem bigger too! We’ve tested our mirrors for use in high-humidity areas, so they last for years. Want some extra storage space? You can pick from mirrors like our SALTRÖD and LILLÅNGEN that come with shelves and hooks. Your towels and makeup are now easy to grab. We’ve even got stylish ones like the round STOCKHOLM and the elegant KARMSUND to match with your bathroom decor.

Checks For Smudged Eyeliner And Stubble

We want to make sure your makeup’s on point, and you never miss a spot while shaving, that’s why we’ve created our bathroom mirrors to withstand humidity and last for years. They not only brighten up your space but also come with a safety-coating to ensure your well-being. And with our SALTRÖD mirror, you get space to store your bottles and creams on its handy shelf and hang your face towels from the hooks. Want to see how your hair looks from the back? Our KARMSUND comes with adjustable side mirrors to give you a better view. You can even remove the crown top to change up the look of the mirror! Our round STOCKHOLM bathroom mirrors make the area look bigger and hang elegantly on your washroom walls. The streamlined design and unique grain pattern on the ash veneer liven up the decor. And if you want the mirrors to blend with the cabinets, choose both from our LILLÅNGEN range. Its got open shelves and a rail too - extra storage, extra style!

We’ve also got vanity mirrors for you to perfect your skincare routine!