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Bathroom mirrors

The one place where insecurities are smudged imperfectly under perfect lighting and the sleek shade of makeup. The mirrors that are never too big or too small to reflect your beautiful face and your zits too. They act as the perfect storage cabins for your medicines, skincare and cosmetic products without clogging your bathroom island. If you’re living with a partner or have to share the bathroom with your siblings, the bathroom mirrors with storage are a lifesaver. Our mirrors can stand clear and sparkling clean through your hot showers and after. We not only have storage, but we also have more fun things you can do with IKEA’s bathroom mirrors. From stylish decorative mirrors to simple elegant ones, we have them in different shapes and sizes to fit your bathroom and the entire aesthetics of your home. A bathroom is incomplete without a mirror, and it serves multiple purposes beyond helping you look your best or setting you up for the day ahead.

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More optionsNISSEDAL Mirror 65x65 cm (25 5/8x25 5/8 ")

NISSEDAL Mirror, walnut effect, 65x65 cmNISSEDAL Mirror, white, 65x65 cm

More optionsLETTAN Mirror 40x96 cm (15 3/4x37 3/4 ")

LETTAN Mirror, 60x96 cmLETTAN Mirror, 80x96 cmLETTAN Mirror, 100x96 cm

More optionsTOFTBYN Mirror 65x85 cm (25 5/8x33 1/2 ")

TOFTBYN Mirror, ash effect/brown, 65x85 cmTOFTBYN Mirror, black, 65x85 cm

More optionsRÅMEBO Mirror 75x168 cm (29 1/2x66 1/8 ")

RÅMEBO Mirror, gold-colour, 63x90 cm

More optionsNISSEDAL Mirror 65x65 cm (25 5/8x25 5/8 ")

NISSEDAL Mirror, walnut effect, 65x65 cmNISSEDAL Mirror, black, 65x65 cm

More optionsNISSEDAL Mirror 65x65 cm (25 5/8x25 5/8 ")

NISSEDAL Mirror, black, 65x65 cmNISSEDAL Mirror, white, 65x65 cm

More optionsLETTAN Mirror 60x96 cm (23 5/8x37 3/4 ")

LETTAN Mirror, 80x96 cmLETTAN Mirror, 100x96 cmLETTAN Mirror, 40x96 cm

More optionsLETTAN Mirror 80x96 cm (31 1/2x37 3/4 ")

LETTAN Mirror, 60x96 cmLETTAN Mirror, 100x96 cmLETTAN Mirror, 40x96 cm

More optionsLETTAN Mirror 100x96 cm (39 3/8x37 3/4 ")

LETTAN Mirror, 60x96 cmLETTAN Mirror, 80x96 cmLETTAN Mirror, 40x96 cm

More optionsTOFTBYN Mirror 65x85 cm (25 5/8x33 1/2 ")

TOFTBYN Mirror, black, 65x85 cmTOFTBYN Mirror, white, 65x85 cm
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Keep your bathrooms bright and your style on point!

We all know the purpose of a bathroom, but have you ever wondered why you need a mirror in there too? Like you have one in your vanity, in the hallways, the bedroom and now even in the bathroom? Well, the primary and most basic reason is to see your face while shaving, so that you don’t cut off your skin and harm yourself. It is also helpful when doing your makeup or skincare to clear off extra products and blemishes. It is highly useful when you brush your teeth and need to ensure you don’t have any leftover paste on your face. We want to make sure your makeup is on point, and you never miss a spot while shaving, and that’s why we’ve created our bathroom mirrors to withstand humidity and last for years. They not only brighten up your space but also come with a safety coating to ensure your well-being. And with our SALTRÖD mirror, you get space to store your bottles and creams on its handy shelf and hang your face towels from the hooks. 

Other than these, here are some of the benefits of using mirrors in the bathroom. When you place a mirror under the light in your washroom, it reflects the light into the walls and increases the brightness of the entire space. With more light, even the tiniest bathroom would look a lot more spacious and open. Adding a  mirrorto your bathroom also adds extra texture and design to your space. The design of the mirrors creates optical illusions with the reflections and makes the whole place look extra fancy. They are also a piece of decor in your bathroom in addition to the other frames or plants you might have in there. 

Our mirrors are a great help when you have a small space and a lot of products to manage. Our mirrors with attached  storage can be the perfect fit for your vanity bathroom or even the small bathroom in the house. It can hold three to four layers of products of different size and shape. It hides all your messy collections but also protects them from getting spoiled in the heat or with water splashes. Besides these multitasking mirrors, the pivot mirrors are ideal for bathrooms because they are secured to the wall with a swivel rod that allows for easy mobility and adjustment based on the time of day and lighting in the space. You could also go for the mini vanity mirrors that can be attached to the walls and adjusted according to your convenience. You can do your makeup right and get rid of even the tiniest blemish on your skin in no time. Having two mirrors is a blessing especially when they both serve their purpose right. 

The bathroom is a great space to get ready and obviously, you’ll need some proper lighting in there to put those contours and lip liners right. With maximised bathroom mirrors, you have a greater visual impact, your getting-ready spot or mini vanity can have a glow-up and mimic the space and style of your bathroom in double too. Adding full-length mirrors would be even more of an advantage, if your bathroom is spacious and you’re confused about what to do with the empty walls. A full-size mirror lets you enhance the look of the bathroom, reflect its essence and give you an entire look of your gorgeous self before heading out the door. 

Another great idea is placing your mirrors across the window. This allows you to have a great view and natural light reflection throughout your bathroom during the day. You can also add two thin mirrors on either side of the window to give an extended window look and make your bathroom look like those in fairytales. You could also put two mirrors across each other. They create an illusion of endless space including a pretty thing in the way. You can always place decor pieces like vases, frames, etc. in front of these mirrors to give you something pleasant to look at rather than the reflection of the shower or the closet. 

Bluetooth bathroom mirrors reflect the modern times we live in by providing the ability to sync your phone or music device to it. Similar to the illuminated mirror, bluetooth bathroom mirrors are fitted with LED  lighting to mimic natural light. However, bluetooth decorative mirrors for bathrooms go one step further on the technology route by allowing you to play your favourite songs any time of the day or night without the device getting wet. Some Bluetooth mirrors even come with a digital clock to ensure you’re never late, while they are wired straight into your main electrical system. If you can’t see yourself in the mirror after a shower, a built-in demister pad will eliminate patches of steam on your mirror

Besides shifting your mirrors, you could directly go for the decorative mirrors that are not just used for reflection but also act as a decor piece for your bathroom. You could go for the mirrored vase, mirror trays, mirrored tiles or mirrored picture frames that add more reflections and brighten your space little by little. 

Bathroom mirrors have the power to expand and shrink the size of the entire room. So always ensure to go for bigger mirrors. You can place them horizontally over the entire basin, or vertically from head to toe. If you have two sinks, go for the huge mirrors that extend across both of them rather than going for two small individual mirrors for each. The long and continuous mirrors are great for giving a luxurious effect to your simple bathrooms. 

If your closet is attached to your bathroom or you have some extra space, you can convert the doors into sliding mirrors. These can also be done on large empty walls that need a makeover. You can add frames to the mirrors to give them a pop of colour and some defined shape. You can also go for our decorative mirrors that come in a pack of ten or more and allow you to stick them according to your shapes and design across the walls. 

The best place to set up your bathroom mirrors is above your basin reflecting a beautiful view like the windows or some interior decor. According to the Vastu principle, you must keep the mirror in the right place in your bathroom to gather all the positive energies into your household. We have mirrors that can keep your bathroom modern yet under the Vastu protocols. 

The classic round wash basin  mirrors are great to reflect the shape of your face and give a pretty frame for mirror selfies. Round mirrors look great with an extra touch of colour on the rims. With the latest technology, you can also add light to the mirror and turn it on and off with a touch. These simple and elegant mirrors are a classic for both big and small bathrooms. Placing them facing towards the eastern or northern walls is a great way to bring positivity and happiness into your space. You can also add green plants to your bathroom by placing them in front of the mirrors for an aesthetic look. Pairing green plants with your mirrors is a great way to reflect the power of life and vitality into your lives according to Vastu. 

Want to see how your hair looks from the back? Our KARMSUND comes with adjustable side mirrors to give you a better view. You can even remove the crown top to change up the look of the mirror! Our round STOCKHOLM bathroom mirrors make the area look bigger and hang elegantly on your washroom walls. The streamlined design and unique grain pattern on the ash veneer liven up the decor. And if you want the mirrors to blend with the cabinets, choose both from our LILLÅNGEN range. It's got open shelves and a rail too - extra storage, extra style!

Whether you have a large space or a mini bathroom that can hardly fit all your products, a bathroom mirror has the power to give your entire space a makeover. With the right mirror to suit the ambience and the vibe of your bathroom, you can turn your small space into a lot more than just four walls, a shower, sink and a closet. Adding small decorative pieces like plants, candles, and trays around your mirrors enhance the corner, making it more presentable.