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Bathroom furniture sets

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Bathroom essentials

A bathroom is a space that we use every day. A well-appointed and efficient bathroom sets the tone for the rest of the day. A bathroom looks best when all the pieces of furniture in it look and function well together. Having all the things you need within reach makes getting ready in the mornings a breeze.

  • Bathroom mirror: The bathroom is where you need many toiletries, grooming products and tools. Since it is the room where your basic grooming takes place, a good mirror is essential. A bathroom cabinet that has a good mirror, as well as organised storage space, is a joy to use. The simplest solution is a mirror with a small shelf. Other designs have a mirror that conceals shelves or shelving and a mirror side by side.
  • Wash-basin cabinet: A wash-basin cabinet with deep drawers is ideal for storing larger toiletry items, towels or cleaning supplies under the wash basin. It is the most significant piece of bathroom furniture that sets the style of the room.

Selecting a bathroom cabinet and sink

  • Size: Choose an under basin cabinet that fits into the proportions of your bathroom. A bathroom cabinet that is too large for your space will compromise the room’s comfort and functionality.
  • Space for the drawers and doors: Measure the bathroom space to determine if there will be enough space to open the cabinet comfortably.
  • The flow of traffic: The cabinet should not obstruct traffic flow through the bathroom. You should be able to use the bathroom comfortably without bumping into the cabinet.
  • Sink: Determine what kind of sink you need and check if it is compatible with the cabinet. Think about the depth and size of the sink and how it will fit into your bathroom size.
  • The number of sinks: One sink will give you more counter space by the sink. But double sinks are ideal for larger families. Double sinks might mean lesser counter space.
  • Plumbing: Select a faucet and wash-basin outlet system compatible with the existing plumbing in your bathroom. Select a cabinet that is compatible with the wash-basin as well as its plumbing.
  • Colour: Choose the colour and finish of the bathroom cabinet to match the rest of your space. If there is any other furniture in the bathroom, the cabinet should match the colour and style of that piece.
  • Storage: Choose a cabinet that has enough storage for the person who is going to use it. A person who needs less storage can opt for a smaller cabinet with fewer drawers. Choose a wash-basin cabinet that has smooth running drawers that have a pull out stop. Soft closing drawers are pleasant to use
  • Fitted bathroom: Buy a fitted bathroom as a set to ensure that there is an optimum match between the cabinet, wash-basin, faucet and mirror.

Lighter or darker cabinets

A small room usually looks more spacious when the cabinet doors are lighter in colour. For a bigger room, base your selection on the overall colour and style of the room. Ensure that there is cohesiveness in the colours used through the bathroom. For the best match, use a fitted bathroom set that matches perfectly with each other.