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Bathroom furniture sets

Coordinated bathroom essentials

A great bathroom design makes showering and grooming refreshing and easy. We use a lot of products and textiles in the bathroom. Keeping them within easy reach is essential. To avoid clutter, a bathroom needs storage for toiletries, towels and hygiene products. Choose from our coordinated bathroom furniture sets in different styles, sizes and colours. 

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Add a dash of style to your bathroom

Well-designed bathroom storage helps you get through your morning routine with a smile. Keep your vanity counters tidy by installing shelves for your toiletries. If you do not have enough room, a bathroom mirror cabinet gives you ample storage behind the vanity mirror. The space under the washbasin is a storage opportunity. Install your washbasin with a matching base cabinet to add style and storage to the room. 

Matching furniture pieces

Bathrooms look attractive when all the elements in the room match. You can shop for individual pieces that have proportion, colour and style elements that coordinate. But, a matched set is a quick, easy and economical way to furnish your bathroom. In addition to being easier on the pocket, they save you the headache of shopping to match. 

Open vs closed storage in the bathroom

Storage preferences in the bathroom are unique to every individual. Traditional bathroom storage favours closed storage. But, open shelves are so much easier to grab your shower gel from. Maybe you have a bit of both open and closed storage in the bathroom. Open storage lets you show off your collection of beautiful soap and shower gel dispensers. You can put the larger bottles away in closed storage and take them out to refill the dispensers occasionally. If you like to switch up the toiletries that you use every day, an open shelf is more convenient than closed storage. Towels also look attractive when stacked neatly on open shelves. 

Most bathrooms look best with a combination of both open and closed storage. Our bathroom sets feature unique combinations of such pieces in a choice of colours and finishes. Colour contrast between the open and closed storage creates a more three-dimensional look. Pick them in the same colour if you prefer everything to blend in. 

Tiny bathrooms

If you have a tiny bathroom, the right storage will help make the space feel more open. Cluttering up the counters of a small bathroom will only make the room more difficult to use. Make the most of the vertical space that you have in a tiny bathroom by using long and narrow shelves. The sink mirror can do double duty when you install a mirrored cabinet. 

Bathroom cabinets

Bathroom cabinets with mirrors are a space-saving solution. They let you store things away without taking up more wall space. If you like a combination of open and closed storage for small toiletries, pick a combination of a bathroom cabinet with a mirror and an open shelf by its side. 

Bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities make maximum use of the under basin space. Choose from our bathroom vanities that range from tiny to large to suit bathrooms of varying sizes. Their choice of fronts adds colour and style to your bathroom. Vanities also hide the wash basin plumbing. 


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