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For The Love Of Wanderlust

For those who have been bitten by the travel bug, IKEA brings to you a range of travel bags and backpacks to carry on your travels. From duffel bags like the FÖRENKLA which has wheels to toiletry bags like the FÖRFINA, you will be spoilt for choice. The FÖRENKLA duffle bag comes with two inner pockets to separate your belongings. And the STARTTID backpacks come in different colours and designs and are perfect for children who are travelling. Especially because their compact size makes them easy to carry!

Travel companions for your everyday life

On your way? Wherever you’re heading – school, picnic, adventure – be sure to keep your essential stuff close and secure. Find a favourite in our range of smart, durable backpacks for all ages and activities.

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A person who wears a white helmet, a jeans jacket and a black VÄRLDENS travel backpack straddles a motorcycle.
A child seated on a swing-like playground feature, holding and peering down into an open, grey STARTTID backpack.
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Indulge the traveler in you

 At IKEA we understand that everyone has different travel needs and so we bring to you our collection of travel bags and backpacks. The FÖRENKLA duffle bag comes with wheels and two inner pockets to separate your belongings. It’s also easy to store when not in use as you can flatten and fold it. While the STARTTID cabin bags are perfect for short trips as they are compact and also have wheels. Check out the toiletry bags from the FÖRFINA range to carry your toiletries, packing bags that can be used for shoes, deodorants and neck pillows. The STARTTID range also has backpacks in various colours and designs that are perfect for little travellers. They are compact and have various compartments and are suitable for short trips.

Choosing a bag for travel

When you select a bag for travel consider the specifications of the airline or mode of travel that you will be using. Also, determine the size of the bag that you would need to comfortably fit in your belongings. Choose a bag that has the features that you would need. Invest in a quality bag that will last you longer. Consider the type of travel and ease of carrying your luggage before you select your bag. If you will be walking a lot, a backpack makes sense. Adjustable straps are important for comfort. Rolling luggage is very convenient. 

Choosing a backpack size

The backpack size that you choose depends on what you are using it for. If you are using the backpack for air travel, check the luggage rules and restrictions of the airline before choosing a backpack. A general rule of thumb for selecting a backpack is

6 -10 Litres for a day out or a sports event

10 – 30 Litres for walks, hikes or a daily commute

30 – 50 Litres for hiking, camping or an overnight trip

Over 50 Litres for travelling or backpacking

Desirable backpack features

You should look for a backpack that has the features that you require for your use. If you carry a laptop, the travel bag should have a laptop compartment. If you are going to use the bag for cycling, it should be able to hold a helmet comfortably. Your chosen bag should be able to carry an umbrella, rain poncho or water bottle if you need it. A backpack that is used outdoors should be waterproof or water-resistant. 

Organising your bag for travel

To organise your travel bag and pack well you should use every square inch of the bag efficiently. Some tips that experienced travellers use are:

  • Know the restrictions and rules of your chosen mode of travel
  • Make a list of the things to pack
  • Place pairs of shoes heel-to-toe in a plastic bag at the bottom of the suitcase
  • Fill footwear with socks to utilise the space
  • Use packing cubes and other packing aids and bags that keep your things compact, organised and sorted
  • Organised and layered packing is easy for you to pack and easy for security staff to examine
  • Place toiletries in a clear bag right on top of everything else for ease of checking by authorities
  • Use a waterproof bag for toiletries. Carry a waterproof bag if you are going to be swimming
  • Use transparent and flat accessory bags to keep cables, chargers and other essentials sorted
  • Roll clothes to minimise wrinkles and maximise space
  • Don’t forget laundry bags for soiled clothing
  • Pack the first outfit that you will wear right on top of your travel bag
  • Place heavier items at the wheel end or lower end of the luggage
  • Carry a lightweight tote for buying souvenirs or carrying your things 
  • Buy small bottles for your toiletries if you need them

Items that make travel more comfortable

Certain items make travel more comfortable. A neck pillow in your carry-on luggage keeps you comfortable while you grab a few winks. A belt bag keeps your valuables safe and your hands free on trips. 

To complete all your travel needs, head on over to our travel accessories section. Check out the BRODERLIG laundry bags to pack your dirty clothes separately or the FÖRFINA Neck pillow for a comfortable travelling experience.