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Artificial plants & flowers

Flowers That Will Look Fresh All Year Long!

Our collection of artificial plants and flowers will add a pop of colour to any room. For some greenery check out the FEJKA artificial potted plant - you can place this artificial palm both indoors and outdoors. Or check out the FEJKA artificial pink orchid - the details on the flowers make it look like just the real thing - place it by your bedside table or the by the windowsill, it’s sure to bring a smile on your face! And place the SMYCKA artificial bouquet in a pretty vase. The stems are made of steel so you bend and adjust the flowers to make it look picture-perfect!

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More optionsFEJKA Artificial plant with wall holder

FEJKA Artificial plant with wall holder, in/outdoor/green

More optionsFEJKA Artificial plant 26x26 cm (10 ¼x10 ¼ ")

FEJKA Artificial plant, wall mounted/in/outdoor green, 26x26 cm

More optionsFEJKA Artificial potted plant 12 cm (4 ¾ ")

FEJKA Artificial potted plant, in/outdoor Monstera, 19 cm
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Bring life into a room with our artificial plants and flowers

Plants can bring life into any room. And with our collection of artificial plants and flowers, you don’t have to do anything to maintain them. They will look fresh all year long, putting a smile on everybody’s face! You’ll find all sorts of artificial plants and flowers in our FEJKA series - a potted palm for your veranda or a very real-looking lotus for your dining table. You’ll even find outdoor eucalyptus or indoor potted grass. And with our collection of artificial bouquets from the SMYCKA series, you can arrange the flowers as you like since the stems are made of flexible steel wires. Or check out the SJÄLSLIGT cactuses that come in a set of 3 - they’re made of ceramic and are perfect for decoration or even to gift your loved ones. And when its Christmas, bring out the VINTERFEST artificial Christmas tree - it comes with a stand so it stands steady even when filled with decorations.

Making artificial plants and flowers look real

Investing in high-quality artificial plants and flowers ensures that they look realistic and lifelike. Here are a few more tips for real-looking artificial greenery:

  • Real flowers do not stand up straight. Curve the stems a little to add a touch of realism. 
  • Concealing the plant’s base with moss or in a decorative pot or vase makes them look more authentic. 
  • Buy more than one artificial flower arrangement and keep rotating them as you would an actual display of flowers. 
  • Dusty flowers and plants do not look natural. Maintain your artificial flowers and plants so that they look fresh and beautiful. 

Mixing natural and artificial plants

Natural plants take time to establish and grow. Placing artificial plants amid natural plants ensures that you have enough greenery. They are also helpful in seasons when natural plants would not be at their best. 

Maintaining artificial plants and flowers

Clean or wash artificial flowers and plants precisely as per the manufacturer’s instructions. If they are placed where they get sunlight, rotate them regularly to ensure that they do not fade on one side. Choose fade-proof or UV resistant plants for sunny spots. 

Placing artificial flowers and plants

The great advantage that artificial flowers and plants have over real ones is that they can be placed anywhere regardless of the temperature or light. They can be placed on coffee tables, sideboards, console tables, shelves and just about anywhere that needs a touch of colour and cheer. Artificial plants are helpful to create a focal point in a foyer or living room. 

Benefits of artificial flowers and plants

  • They are cost-effective over time
  • They do not require much maintenance
  • Artificial flowers do not trigger allergies
  • They are helpful for those who travel a lot
  • In water scarcity areas, they help save water
  • They are not seasonal

Artificial flowers for weddings and occasions

Artificial flowers are great for weddings because they look fresh without overnight spraying or watering and can be bought well in advance. A few choice flowers from the wedding arrangements make sentimental decor pieces in the newlywed’s homes. They are also good keepsake gifts for those who attend the wedding. 

Artificial bonsai

Growing and trimming natural bonsai is an art that takes much knowledge and learning to master. If you like the look of bonsai and do not know how to make them, artificial bonsai such as the  FEJKA artificial potted plant with pot is ideal. 

Plant walls

Plant walls add a burst of freshness and greenery to a room. They are not very difficult to take care of but take a bit of know-how to create and maintain. Plant walls in offices need care even when the office is closed over holidays. A better alternative is a set of high-quality artificial plant wall panels. They are easy to install and move and can be expanded just as quickly. 

Gifting artificial flowers

Flowers are welcome in any home or office. They add a certain charm and cheeriness to the room. Gifting a high-quality artificial bouquet is especially appreciated by those who cannot enjoy real flowers because of allergies. 


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