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Back to school from home

Get creative with your space. Use furniture and accessories to create a personalised space that reflects who you are.

Study space for the young ones

Play is how kids learn and develop. Design a corner that gives them plenty of opportunities to let their imagination run free. A place for school and fun.

Flexible study space for the college going

With a desk on wheels you can roll it over to another part of the dorm and transform it to a dining table whenever more friends come over. Instead of drawers, use storage unit that can be moved to wherever you need it.

Achieve work-life balance

Must haves to create the perfect study space for your kids

To ensure your child has the perfect environment to prepare for the upcoming exams follow these effortless tips by IKEA and make their exam time a little less stressful

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Home furnishing accessories combinations

Shop the look

When it comes to comfort, we are all different. That’s why we at IKEA never stop trying to find new solutions that fit all your needs.