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Welcome to my organised home

Organise like a pro with our storage solutions.

With the right storage techniques, you can easily create a tidy house. When it comes to storing bedding, toys for the kids, or towels, where should you put them? Do you prefer an open or closed storage unit, big or small? We are here to help you choose the most suitable storage for your space.

    Series for big storage need

    Organise smart, save space!

    The most serene and cosiest space is one with a well-organised space, and our smart storage solutions always keep order in your oh-so-beloved chaos

      Handpicked combinations

      Organise your every day

      That stationery lying around has a stylish solution. Optimise your desk with our work-from-home essentials to spruce up your everyday.  ​​

      Add more space to your space.

      Make room for more in every room with minimalistic storage options to organise everything.​

      IKEA 101 home furnishing advise

      Organise your spices

      What’s a kitchen without its endless variety of magical ingredients? However, it can get tricky when you can't find the right spices to bring out your favourite flavours. Here are some simple tips that can make it easy and fun.

        Waste management tips

        Sorting and segregating waste is a simple lifestyle change that can have a big impact on our environment. Through this IKEA 101 video, we are bringing to light the waste-sorting tips that you can employ in your households.

          Smart ways to organise your closet

          Get ready to make your everyday routine a little more organised. These tips will help create a functional and equally stylish storage system for your closet.Bye-bye clutter, hello happier wardrobe!

            Design your personal storage


            You can design your ideal PAX wardrobe with the size, look, colour and specification that’s perfect for your room, as well as for your storage needs.


            Make the most of every storage possibility in your home. Use the EKET planner to create wall and floor storage solutions for oddly shaped spaces.


            The BESTÅ planner makes planning elegant living room storage easy. The BESTÅ modules are practical, stylish and customisable.


            The SMÅSTAD storage system is playful yet practical for children. The modules easily grow with a growing child’s evolving needs.


            Plan a personalised combination of shelving, ideal storage solution and inserts for your home with the KALLAX planner.


            Plan every detail of your dream walk-in wardrobe with our BOAXEL planner.