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    Their home, their stories

    Welcome to Bhuvana Adishankar’s home in the first episode of #IKEAHomeStories. From a cluttered space, watch how Bhuvana and her family turned their home dreams into reality in collaboration with IKEA designers. Discover how sometimes it’s the little details that make the journey worthwhile. To know more, watch till the end for the big makeover reveal and some heartwarming reactions.

    Create your own comfort haven

    Give your favourite nook at home the attention it deserves, with the warmth of cosy cushions in pop colours. Notch up the comfy feeling with some soft quilts and throws that are sure to redefine your bedroom with a bold statement, just like Bhuvana’s bedroom. What’s more? Say hello to more stay-cations!

    Cut the clutter

    We have a place for more than just a few of your favourite things. With a simple solution that makes the most of your wall space, keep your dressing table organised and clutter-free. Use it to stack up all your accessories, making it easier to find them all in one place when you’re getting ready. Like your very own personal stylist.

    More storage, more room

    The key to a spacious bedroom is to hide your storage away. Allow your space to breathe with more room for you to move about freely, with extra storage under your bed. Looking for a place for all your winter clothes and quilts, once it’s summer? Look no further!

    Now you see me, now you don’t

    Keep your space well-ventilated and well-lit with curtains that also help you block out the glaring light when you need to. Create your own private space while staying connected with the world outside the window.

    Dressed to the tee

    Find a place for all your skincare and beauty essentials like Bhuvana, with a dressing table that stores them all in one place and easy to find.

    Perfect fit for your bedroom

    Trust this chest for all your secrets from your undergarments to important documents that are all within your reach, yet out of sight; for a clutter-free space and a peaceful mind.

    Every home wishes for more - more room, more solutions, more creativity, and more ideas. All we need is a little inspiration to make the most of our space, for it to be the home of our dreams. We bring to you #IKEAHomeStories, an IKEA series featuring a makeover journey in every episode, where we talk about design, ideas, dreams and more