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Make space for learning at home

From kids to adults. let's make sure the learning never stops. As we all open our doors to virtual classrooms for our children at home, add these simple solutions to create an environment that helps you stick to the curriculum.

Aim high

Whether it's to catch up on some homework or join a class, here's a chair where your child can sit comfortably while they're at it. Brownie points for its height-adjustable design that keeps up with its growth over the years.

We've got their back

Comfort always comes first, and if that means sitting on the couch while attending classes, so be it! And with this perfect laptop support, make sure you've got their back when they have to attend back-to-back classes.

Relax with your feet up

If you thought soft pillows could provide the perfect support, think again! Get good lumbar support with this firm cushion, when you or your child want to sit up and read before it's time to sleep. And it's just as comfortable to have under your head.

Think outside the bag

Wave goodbye to school-bags that do all the heavy lifting for your child's books and art supplies. With these convenient storage boxes, keep all your things organised and clutter-free.

Office chairs for long hours

Chairs with adjustable tilt tension that allows you to adjust the resistance to suit your movements and weight, and the adjustable and lockable tilt function increases stability and control in different sitting positions.

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